Album of Seven-Character Rhythmic Poems, Silk, Regular Script, 27.1 x 48.7cm, Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei

  This piece of ink is a seven-character poem written by Du Fu (Ji Shi) written in regular script by Emperor Gaozong of the Song Dynasty. It is also known as "Poetry in Late Spring and March". This poem is written in the center, and the composition is clear and clear throughout the entire page. The fonts are well-proportioned and round, and the ink color is uniform, which is pleasing to the eye. The artistic conception of Du Fu's seven-rhyme poem is picturesque, and Gaozong's pen and ink wash the chain. The two can be said to complement each other. After the poem, there was originally a picture of the poem by Zhao Mengfu of the Yuan Dynasty, but unfortunately it had been cut out.

  Emperor Gaozong retired in his later years in the 32nd year of Shaoxing (1162). The regular script written during this period was mostly elegant, smooth, straight and even, with an elegant and unrestrained taste. This work is not only close to this style, but also contains the seal used by Emperor Gaozong during his reign (the Treasure of the Royal Book) behind the poem. Therefore, it is speculated that it was written not far from the time of his retirement.