Two poems titled "Want to Borrow" and "Fengshuang". Paper, regular script, 33.2 x 63 cm. Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

  This poem is one of the masterpieces that shows the charm of Song Huizong's "Skinny Gold Book". Every word on the post is thin and straight, and the strokes are smooth and graceful. At the turning points, it is obvious that the calligrapher deliberately preserved the traces of hiding the front, exposing the front, and running the Teton, forming a horizontal stroke with a hook and a vertical stroke with a dot, with the stroke like a dagger, the stroke like a cutting knife, and the vertical hook. It is slender and restrained, and the continuous strokes are flying and crisp. The whole painting is full of spirit.

  This "poetry" is composed of two seven-character and five-character poems, and is also called "Two Poems on Desire and Wind and Frost". In the past, scholars speculated that this may have been done when Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty was twenty-nine years old (1110).