Thousand-Character Classic in Small Regular Script (Full Volume)





  Thousand-Character Text in Small Regular Script (Part), 30.9 cm long and 322.1 cm wide, with red silk border, plain paper, collected by Shanghai Museum

  Zhao Ji, like many calligraphers, also likes to write thousand-character inscriptions. The two thousand-character ink inscriptions that have survived to this day are like twin crystal gems, shining with dazzling brilliance and demonstrating his extraordinary artistic skills.

   This thousand-character text was written by Zhao Ji to Tong Guan when he was twenty-two years old in the third year of Chongning. The characters are about an inch large, with crosses in each line and hundreds of lines before and after. His calligraphy imitates that of Xue Yao of the Tang Dynasty, and he is more advanced than his predecessors, with broad frames, vigorous strokes, clear and smooth strokes, and has a unique style. Pushing the art of "thin gold style" calligraphy to the extreme. As Mr. Yang Renkai, a famous contemporary calligraphy and painting connoisseur, said: "The structure is sparse and straight, the pen tip is heavy, the stroke is thin and vigorous, the stroke is sharp and sharp, the stroke is strong and sharp, and the overall style is thin and hard. .”