Zhao Ji, Song Dynasty, "Cai Xing's Imperial Scroll" in running script, 35.5 x 214.6 cm, collected by Liaoning Provincial Museum

"The Running Script Cai Xingchi Scroll" is collected by the Liaoning Museum and is said to be a copy. The original "Sanxitang Dharma Calligraphy" was engraved during the Xuanhe period (1119-1125). The original calligraphy was full of 7 characters. The "Sanxitang Dharma Calligraphy" was changed to a full line of 4 characters. The original calligraphy was due to the forgery of Huang Tingjian and others' postscripts by later generations. It is mounted on the back and is said to be written by Taizong, so the author has always been said to be Taizong. In fact, it is an authentic work by Huizong.

This volume is an edict issued by Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty not allowing Cai Xing to resign from the post of leading the province. The lines of this edict are white and sparse, and the strokes are slender. The ink rhyme is smooth, unrestrained and fresh, just like the momentum of floating vines and willows. It has an artistic effect of being thin but powerful, beautiful and smooth.

Explanation: Edict to Cai Xing. Zha Zi, the provincial director. Resigning will save trouble in the palace. With knowledge. Things don't last long. It’s hard to admire. There is no general position. Difficult to assemble. I am the official who established the program. The envoy led Jue Si. Kuang Liushang's position. The ground is nearly clear. Things are complicated and there are many people. Yi Qingjian updated the nine. The reason is appropriate. Bei Lingdun Province. Really come out of Cambodia. I would like to return the title. See Ju Qian. Success comes from me. Do not violate justice. It will help you to cultivate in advance. To call it "juanyi". The request should not be allowed. Still broken chapter. Therefore, this is an edict. I would like to know. 14th.