"Luo Shen Fu Volume in Cursive Script", collected by Liaoning Provincial Museum, silk, length 27.9cm, length 398cm

  Luo Shen Fu is a famous work by Cao Zhi. "Luo Shen Fu Volume" is not signed with a year, but the end of the volume is signed with the inscription "Deshou Palace Book" and has the seal of "Deshou Palace Royal Book". It can be seen that it was written by Zhao Gou when he was the Supreme Empress, and it was a work in his mature period.
  The cursive writing method of this scroll is out of the ordinary, the writing is calm and vigorous, and the movement is smooth. Although it is a cursive script, each word is independent and changes a lot from one word to another. The lead still appears to be coherent and smooth, showing his profound attainments in calligraphy. Zhao Gou's "Luo Shen Fu Volume" in Cursive Script shows the dignity of an emperor and is full of charm.
  Chairman Mao's study in Zhongnanhai is filled with collections of classics and history, thread-bound ancient books by various schools of thought, as well as various Chinese and foreign books on philosophy, classics, literature, art, etc. Among them, on the small round table is the "Cursive Luo Shen Fu" written by Zhao Gou, Emperor Gaozong of the Song Dynasty.