Zhao Mengfu's "Dengba Stele"

  Zhao Mengfu's regular script stele scroll of Emperor Shi Danba, length 33.6 cm x width 166 cm, paper. The book was written in the third year of Yanyou (1316). At the back of the volume are postscripts by Yao Yuanzhi, Yang Yan, Li Hongyi, Pan Zuyin, Wang Yirong and others of the Qing Dynasty. The seal is collected by Xu Naipu and others of the Qing Dynasty. It is recorded in books such as "Dongtu Xuanlan", "Qinghe Secret Box List", "Nanyang Famous Painting List", "Shigutang Calligraphy and Painting Collection" and other books. Now in the Palace Museum.

  This stele was written by Zhao Mengfu, who was sixty-three years old, under the orders of Renzong of the Yuan Dynasty. It is the representative work of the stele in the later years of the Zhao family.

  Wang Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty believed that Zhao Mengfu's calligraphy in his later years was "the most famous calligraphy of Li Beihai". The brushwork in this volume is beautiful, vigorous and vigorous, with a unique style. It has a natural and innocent charm in the regular and solemn place. It can be said that the strokes are lifted and the words are upright, which fully embodies the Zhao style calligraphy. The charm and charm. Although it is based on Li Yong's "Yuelu Temple Stele", it is more relaxed and relaxed, and its dangerous and arrogant attitude is transformed into a dignified, solemn, majestic and vigorous posture. Both the brushwork and the frame are from Erwang, which is dignified and simple, "old and vigorous".

  Although Zhao Shu adheres to tradition, he is not constrained by old methods. He can often change calligraphy styles according to different needs, but no matter how he changes, he can use them freely and skillfully. Therefore, his calligraphy has both a profound traditional foundation and Distinctive personality traits, stand out from the crowd.