Rubbings of Zhao Mengfu's "Shuchuntang Ji" collected by Liaoning Provincial Museum

  Zhao Mengfu's regular script "Shou Chun Tang Ji" was written in the third year of Yanyou (1316) of Emperor Renzong of the Yuan Dynasty. It is a fusion of the two kings and Li Yong and is a powerful work. The ink mark was collected by Chen Tingqing of the Qing Dynasty and has been authenticated by Wang Mingsheng, Ruan Yuan, Weng Fanggang, Iron Bao and others. In the second year of Jiaqing of Emperor Wenzong of the Qing Dynasty (1798), the stone was carved in Fule, Hangzhou, and was engraved by Wu Housheng. The original rubbings contained twelve paragraphs of inscriptions and commentaries by Chen Tingqing and Wang Mingsheng, etc. When printing, all but one postscript by Chen Tingqing were omitted. In the title and postscript, Wang Mingsheng said: "The writing style in this volume is very strong." Tie Bao said: "This is a great order to take a rest, and it also combines the indulgence of Beihai. It washes away the habit of flirting in a lifetime, and the real person writes in a state of old age." Shi Yunyu also said: "The writing style is like a dragon or a Li, like a fast horse. When you enter the battle, you can do anything." These are all comments with reference value.