Xi Xun Li Yuan's Poems Volume, paper, running script, 30cm in length and 99.5cm in width. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing

  Explanation: In the past, when I was looking for Li Yuan to look for Pangu, I saw the giant cliffs of Cangya competing for their opening. It's a new sunny day and the well is overflowing. Who is leaning against Taihang with a long sword? The wind blows and falls outside the sky, and the rain falls on Luoyang during the day. Walking across Yanchuan River to the east to eat in the wilderness, there are baskets full of trees and ferns. The Ma Tou River is too deep, so I borrowed a car to carry him across the water and into the box. At the square entrance of the flat sand and green waves, geese and ducks fly through the weeping poplars. The poor exploration is quite unbridled, and the sun and moon are not busy outside. Who is willing to work hard after returning? The plan to go back is slim. It snowed in Chang'an for three days, and I pushed books and wrote songs generously. There is no strong man around to send his subordinates to be harmonious. I recall the old poems of Lu and I are crazy. After opening the seal, I suddenly saw him returning home, and the words on the paper were all majestic. It was also known that Li Hou ignored him and Fang Dong entered Cui Wei's Tibetan house alone. I will decide when to advance or retreat now, and I will follow the court for ten years. If a family asks an official to fail to report the failure, it is like a sparrow or a mouse stealing Taicang. I will pay the prime minister with my hand, and I will still plow the soil without waiting for impeachment. Zi Ang

  The last paragraph belongs to "Zi Ang". The two seals are "Zhao Zi'ang's" and "Song Xuezhai". There are the seals of Qianlong and Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty, and the seals of Sun Yufeng.
  It was recorded in Qing Anqi's "Mo Yuan Hui Guan" and "The Continuation of Shiqu Baoji".
  This work is a poem written by Han Yu of the Tang Dynasty "Mr. Lu Zhongyunfu sent two chapters of Panguzi's poems to harmonize with it" poem written by Zhao Mengfu. This poem post is consistent with Zhao Mengfu's letter "With Guobin Shanchang" and Yang Weizhen's "Xiaoyouxianci" and Wei The four sections of "Chen's Fangcun Tower" are combined into one volume, with a total of 24 lines.
  The writing style of this poem is rich and varied. At the beginning, it was more rigorous, with regular script and lines, but later on, there were rough lines in the lines. The writing was vigorous and thick, and the dots, strokes, and transitions were clear. It should be the masterpiece of Zhao Mengfu's calligraphy in his later years.