Zhao Mengfu's "Five-Character Poems of Tao Yuanming in Running Cursive", 32.7 cm in height and 45.8 cm in width. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing.

  Six of Tao Yuanming's "Twenty Drinking Poems" poems were recorded in the book, and were included in the "Daguanju of Fa Shu". They were signed "Zi'ang" and sealed with "Zhao Zi'ang's family" (Zhu Wen), and were affixed to the official script postscript of Yu Ji in the Yuan Dynasty.

  The calligraphy and stippling of this calligraphy can still see the form and temperament of Er Wang's calligraphy, but it is clearly the elegant and charming style of his own calligraphy. Although he is not young, his vigorous and experienced brushwork has already demonstrated Zhao's calligraphy style in his later years. Appraisal seals: "Collection of Anyi Zhou Family" (Zhu Wen), "Jingxian" (Bai Wen) and Tan Jing's seals.

Autumn chrysanthemums are beautiful. The dew on the clothes strips off the beauty.
Pan this forgetful thing. Far away from me.
Although one cup is entered alone. When the cup is empty, the pot will tip over.
The sun enters the group and moves. Returning birds flock to the forest to sing.
Xiao Ao Dongxuan exit. Talk about regaining this life.