Zhao Mengfu's "Poems on Tianguan Mountain" (engraved edition by Qian Yong, Qing Dynasty)

  Tianguan Mountain is located 1 km south of Guixi City, Jiangxi Province. There are three peaks standing side by side, so it is called Sanfeng Mountain. It is also called Tianguan Mountain because its top is square and its two corners have hanging peaches like crowns. Zhao Mengfu once erected a stele here and wrote a calligraphy edict, which is a poem about the twenty-four scenes of Tianguan Mountain, describing the scenery of Guixi. This post was engraved by Qian Yong of the Qing Dynasty. The calligraphy is elegant and charming, so it is loved by people. There is another copy of the stone, which is stored in the Forest of Steles in Xi'an.

Longkou Rock: steep rocks stand on the four walls, and two dragons fly from the cold spring. The world is bitter and hot, and the fairy mountain has the autumn wind.
Medicine-washing pool: The real person lives in a hidden place, and there is a clear pool for washing medicine. The golden elixir is bathing, and the jade water is fertile.
Alchemy Well: The alchemy becomes immortal and you can go there. The well is cold and the spring is cold. Incomparably sweet, Huachi swallows the jade liquid.
Corridor Rock: The rock is built like a corridor, with a clear spring flowing underneath. The ancient immortals in the mountains come and go by themselves.
Jade Curtain Spring: The flying spring is like a jade curtain, falling thousands of feet. The crescent moon hangs across the curtain hook, hanging in the sky in the distance.
Changsheng Pond: Bamboo is strong, the wind is coming, the water is clear and the fish are on their own. In my thatched pavilion, I sit in danger and study.
Taoist Rock: Taoist priests originally seceded from the world, but they had no surnames. However, after thousands of years, someone came to the stone room.
Lei Gongyan: Lei Gong rises from the crouching dragon and creates rain for the country. Flying lightning pulls the golden snake, who dares to insult it?
Stoneman Peak: When will the giant spirit turn into stone if it lasts forever? We have been here for thousands of years, but we have never known each other since ancient times.
Xuetangyan: Immortals are not idiots, they still study in the mountains. Sighing that I have wasted my studies for a long time, I let out a long sigh after hearing this.
Old Man's Peak: There is a stone like old man, which looks like a painted element. I salute the South Pole, and the sky is covered in smoke.
Moon Rock: The Moon Rock is like a crescent moon, with wind and springs sprinkled with clear snow. The wonderland in the human world is truly two wonders.
Fengshan: Pheasants love their feathers and drink and peck among the trees. The cold pool is quiet under the shadow, and the flowers are blooming and falling.
Fairy Foot Rock: A graceful stone house with a fairy in it. Tell the shepherd, be careful not to hurt my feet.
Jinsha Ridge: Climb the stone ledge and walk up to Jinsha Ridge. The dew is shining brightly, and the moon is shining brightly.
Shengxian Terrace: The Immortal Terrace is a few meters high and is always covered with clouds. Three thousand years have passed, making people anxious every time.
Xiaoyao Rock: This rock is named Xiaoyao, and it can seat hundreds of people. How can we just live in wood and stone? We are really neighbors with apes and cranes.
Hanyue Spring: I tried to visit Huishan, and the spring tasted better than milk. Dream about Hanyue Spring, bring tea and boil it in the spring.
Guiguyan: The stone in front of Guiguyan has a strange Chinese character. Why should I brush away the moss and read Laojun's stele carefully?
Wind Cave: The stone walls are strange and cavernous, and there is a cold wind in the middle. An Zhili imperial bandit will not seek immortality here.
Diaoyutai: Immortals have no pursuits and will not fish while sitting on a rock. Duzai Yangqiu Weng has the same name but different tunes.
Dingtan: The dragon may dive deep, and the stone cave leads to the water house. Don't send your children to play tricks and fly into the sky to make thunderstorms.
Xinxiang Rock: The mountain is steep and there is a bird path, and there are dragons in the deep water. Who said that the immortals are happy, but the master is deaf.
Sanshi Mountain: I have a fetish for springs and rocks, and I really love living in the mountains. Why should I follow the public and give lectures and read my books?
Five-faced stone: The cave is a fairy mirror, and the entrance is a peach garden. On Heshu Wuling Road, chickens and dogs form their own village.
Xiaoyinyan: The forest is not hidden, but the fairy cliff can still be used as a ladder. Finally, you should take your family with you, and the Yao grass will grow luxuriantly.
A line of sky: the ferocious chicken dances in the urn, and the frog in the well lives at the bottom. Don’t look at things from a thin line, open your eyes 90,000 miles away.
The Taoist Zhu Danyang showed Yu a picture of Tianguan Mountain and asked him to write a poem. He would carve the twenty-eight poems on the stone mountain.
October 24, the second year of Yanyou. Taoist Songxue.