Qijue Poetry Album, paper, running script, 34.7cm in length and 35.3cm in width. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing

Explanation: The body is shaped like a crane through training, and two scriptures are written under a thousand pine trees. There is nothing left for me to ask. The clouds are in the blue sky and the water is in the bottle. Ziang is the old book in Zhongting.

The last knowledge: "Zi'ang is an old book in Zhongting." There are "Zhang Heng's private seal", "Boshan", "Pan Hou's approval" and other Tibetan seals. The work has not been recorded.

This is a seven-character quatrain composed by Zhao Mengfu. The line "clouds are in the blue sky and water is in the bottle" in the poem is borrowed from the story of Li Ao, the governor of Langzhou in the Tang Dynasty, who asked Zen monk Yaoshan Weiyan to ask for enlightenment. Yaoshan showed up and down with his hands, and said to Li Ao: "The clouds are in the sky, and the water is in the bottle." Although this post is only five lines of large characters, its writing is deep and steady, the momentum is grand and proud, the structure is rigorous and dignified, and the beginning and end are rich. Variety. Although the calligraphy style looks old, it is still graceful and free. It is a masterpiece of Zhao's popular calligraphy in his later years.