Zhou Boqi's "Tong Xi Yin Zhi Poetic Notes" on paper, album, length 27.1cm, width 57.3cm, collected by the Palace Museum, Beijing

"Tong Xi Yin Zhi Poems", Yuan Dynasty, Zhou Boqi's calligraphy, paper, album, vertical 27.1cm, horizontal 57.3cm, regular script, 22 lines.
Fucheng, the imperial censor, Dafu Yin, the Prime Minister of the country, sent benefits to Tongxi and drank 獮, which was deeply virtuous and profound, and deeply touched his heart. I would like to sing a long sentence, and pray for a long life from afar. Wenxi is an unparalleled treasure that reaches the heavens. It is made into a very good drinking vessel. Xuan Yun clusters of snow leak through the morning light, and the plain and warm weather is mixed with grass. There is content in it that does not overflow, and the gold, jade, and flowers are all swept away. The Lord thought that I had been ill for a long time, so I sent Hui Hengmen to be shocked and fell down. As soon as the acid and cold are washed away, I drop the scoop in the alley, and I look forward to seeing you in my arms. The public holds the Heavenly Constitution and the Nine Levels, and considers the vitality and regulates the eight winds. Bao Huang is looking at the group of people, and he is looking at the auspicious Penglaidong from a distance. This is full of red rosy clouds. I wish you a happy spring and wish you a long life. At the end of Zhengyi Mengqiu, Corporal Zhou Boqi bowed to him again.
  This seal has three seals: "Zhou's Boqi", "Yuxuepo" and "Su Xingzhai". The seals in the collection include the seals of Xiang Yuanbian, Anqi and Sun Chengze.
"卮" is a kind of drinking vessel in ancient times, and "卮卮" is a drinking vessel made of rhinoceros horn. From the poem, we learned that "Tongxi Drinks Zhi" was given to Zhou Boqi by Prime Minister Daoyin Guohui. Boqi then wrote a seven-character poem to praise this unique treasure and use it to wish Prime Minister Daoyin the birthday of his country. The work was written in the 25th year of Zhizheng (1365) and belongs to Bo Qi's later works. "History of the Yuan Dynasty" records that Bo Qi once "copied the Lanting preface written by Wang Xizhi and thousands of texts written by Zhiyong, and carved them in the stone (Xuanwen) Pavilion". This shows his ancient skills. The font of this article is relatively flat, and the brush strokes incorporate the round and soft strokes of seal script. The calligraphy style is simple and elegant.
Recorded in "Ren Yin Xiao Xia Lu".