Chen Chun's "Standing Scroll of the Seven Rhymes of Cen Shen in Cursive Script" on paper, 181.8 cm long and 71.5 cm wide, collected by the Shanghai Museum

Explanation: The rooster crows, the dawn is cold on the purple road, the orioles sing, the spring scenery of the imperial state fades, the golden tower opens thousands of households at dawn
Immortals on the jade steps support thousands of officials, flowers welcome the swords and stars are just beginning to fall, and the willow flags are still wet with dew.
A unique visitor from the Phoenix Pond. It is difficult to harmonize with a song in Yangchun. You Cen Jiazhou and Jia Shi, Dao Fushu.     

  The seals are "Baiyang Mountain Man" (Bai Wen Zhengfang) and "Chen's Daofu" (Bai Wen Zhengfang).
  The calligraphy of this scroll is mostly written with the center forward to make the strokes rounded, with occasional eccentric hooks and rejections. The hardness and softness complement each other. The calligraphy is flying and majestic, the structure is sparse and broad, and the sides are varied, which is quite reminiscent of Mi Fu's calligraphy. Although this scroll is not signed with a year mark, based on the analysis of the mature and vigorous writing and the signature form of "Daofu", it generally shows Chen Chun's calligraphy style in his later years.