Cursive castor poem scroll, paper, 25.3x428 cm, collected by Guangdong Provincial Museum

Planting castor
Mountain canals are surrounded by castor plants,
Lock up all the flowers in the east wind.
Pedestrians on the river are looking at them in confusion,
I am refining elixir sand here.
He shines on his study bed at night with a short coat,
One (*) castor is also borrowed.
When I get old, I pack away all my books.
Just a few pairs of incense to Xihuang.
Playing with red flowers and green stripes,
There is no place in the world without spring breeze.
Don’t underestimate the castor beans of this generation,
Also in Mr. Medicine Garden.
The castor-oil trees have grown green from the rain,
Such scenery is also Laoli.
After dinner, I sat down in the small nunnery.
Mountain birds crow near the west bamboo gate.
Castor plants wind around the bamboo path leading to the clouds,
I can hear the woodcutter singing in the clouds through the bamboos.
A long shovel with a hand is planted in the spring rain,
I share the scenery with Lao Li.
Planted castor beans and melons,
There are two or three houses in the green hills.
I came to visit Mao Cibi.
Don’t plant autumn flowers.