Mi Fu's "Danyang Tie" (sixth of nine Han Tie), paper, cursive script, length 23.5 cm, width 22.8 cm
Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

Danyang rice is very expensive. Please take a flight
Bring rice and a hundred dendrobiums in exchange for jade
Pen holder, how about reporting it early, I'm afraid
Others first. Fu paused.

  This post is from a friend of Mi Fu. This friend is the "my friend" in "Shi Yi Tie" who "looked at a jade grid and refused to buy it for fifteen years."
  "Danyang Tie" is called "Danyang Tie" in "Calligraphy Dictionary"; Cai Shunning's "Research on Mi Fu's Calligraphy Thoughts and Calligraphy Art" is called "Changing Jade Penstand Book".
  "Danyang" is the ancient name of Runzhou. Autumn crops have not yet been harvested, green and yellow are not harvested, and the price of rice will be extremely expensive. Therefore, this post must have been written during the summer and autumn of the second year of Chongning.
  Mi Fu is willing to exchange a jade pen holder for hundreds of Dendrobium Danyang rice, and only has more than 20 words. The word "how" is in a discussion tone, which is a bit naughty; "Report early, blame others first", which clearly shows his humor. Judging from the text, it can be seen that the demeanor of the famous Jin people in "Shishuoxinyu" has been revealed.

  Art appreciation:
  One of Mi Fu's "nine calligraphy scripts", the calligraphy style of this script is in pursuit of the calligraphy style of Jin people represented by the two kings. Mi Fu named his residence "Bao Jin Zhai", and he admired the Jin people very much. He studied Erwang Shiqin, especially "Shu Su Tie", and the second half of it came from Youjun's "Lanting". But what he was most attracted to was the "broken body" Xiao Wang, so "Hai Yue's Quotations" said: "A son's respect for innocence is beyond comparison, how can he be compared to his father." The writing is quick, the momentum is open, the handsome and heroic, and it is more in line with Mi Fu's life. character. The writing style of "Danyang Tie" is similar to Xian's Brush Notes. However, in the Tang Dynasty, which was "emphasis on law", the writing style of "Ti Jian" was already common. In addition, Mi Fu's strong personality made the writing style more ups and downs, the brush strokes became more ups and downs, the strings were exposed, and the cutting edge was sharp. It was really "Wind Qiang Formation" "Ma, calm and happy", bold and fierce, Chi Su also tried his best. This is far away from the two kings' casualness. After all, Mi Fu is still Mi Fu, and the word "rice" is still the word "meter". He can be famous Writing history and establishing a sect are not without reasons.