Mi Fu's "Light Ink Autumn Mountain Poems", paper, running script, 29.1X31.9cm, collected by the Palace Museum, Beijing

This "Light Mo Qiu Shan Poetry Calligraphy" has been circulated for a long time. It has been recorded in "Mo Yuan Hui Guan", "Shiqu Baoji Continuation" and engraved in "Sanxitang Dharma Calligraphy". This calligraphy is written like a brush, with strong strokes and a broad and plump structure. It should be regarded as a masterpiece of middle-aged Mi Fu's calligraphy.

Explanation: The autumn mountains are painted with light ink in the distant sky, and the dusk glow still shines purple and adds mist. Fortunately, old friends joined hands again, and it was less than five years since Pingshan passed away.