Zhang Yu's "Scroll of Seven-Character Rhymed Poetry on Climbing the South Peak", paper, 108.4 X 42.6cm, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

  Explanation: Looking for a road through the clouds for a clear tour. The body is like a hungry eagle taking off its clothes at dawn. As soon as he got up, he was angry on the back of the flying bird. The carrying plate is astonishing and huge. When God comes, the tiles in the tent are fluttering in the wind. The moon falls below the Zhongyin Tower. To ask those who can climb high. Who will return to China after Lu Chen? Climb to the top of Nanfeng.

  Zhang Yu (1283-1350), also known as Boyu, has a history of outside history and Zhenju. A native of Qiantang, Zhejiang. At the age of thirty, he entered Maoshan (Jequshan, Jurong County, Jiangsu Province) and became a Taoist priest. At the age of sixty, he gave up his Taoist uniform, buried his crown and sword, resumed his identity as a Confucian, and traveled around Jiangsu and Zhejiang, interacting and singing with local literary and artists. He had high attainments in literary accomplishment and calligraphy, and was quite prestigious among Taoists, Buddhists and literati in the Yuan Dynasty.

  Zhang Yu's calligraphy was taught by Zhao Mengfu, and his calligraphy and painting are clear and relaxed. Critics of the Ming Dynasty said that he "studied Beihai (Li Yong) and studied Su Shi (Huai Su) for a while. Although he is not in the right line, he has his own style." This piece of calligraphy is a rare large-character cursive. The characters are tilted and turbulent, sometimes large and sometimes small. The large characters are written with a fine pen. The ink is used to dry and moisten each other. It is sharp and has a unique trend of leisurely and steep calendar, especially the second line and the first line. Among the four lines, some continuous cursive scripts with white dry brushes are very close to Huaisu's "Autobiography Tie". The interactive use of regular script, running script and cursive script, and the unrestrained structural layout, show his high skill in being able to indulge and restrain.