Deng Shiru (1743-1805 AD) was originally named Yan, with the nicknames Nianbo and Shiru, and his nickname was Wanbaishanren, and later the name Xing. A native of Huaining, Anhui. Deng Shiru was a creative calligrapher in the mid-Qing Dynasty. Zhen, Cao, Li and Zhuan are all excellent, especially Zhuan and Li, which are unique and unique, creating a generation of stele studies. Bao Shichen of the Qing Dynasty said in "Yizhou Shuangji": "The Wanbaishan people's seal writing method is based on two Li (Li Si, Li Yangbing), and the wonderful combination of vertical and horizontal openings can be obtained from the historical records and a little reference to the official meaning. Kill. The front edge is bent with force, so the font is slightly square, which is particularly close to the Qin and Han Dynasty Wadang forehead inscriptions." Because of his outstanding artistic contribution, Deng Shiru was called "the third milestone of seal script" by later generations.

Deng Shiru's Thousand-Character Seal Script is not arranged in order!

Full text of Thousand Characters:

The sky and the earth are dark and yellow, the universe is vast, the sun and the moon are waxing, the stars are arranged, the winter comes and goes, the summer comes, the autumn harvests, and the winter hides.

The remaining years are full of leaps and bounds, Lu Lu regulates Yang, clouds cause rain, dew condenses into frost, gold produces beautiful water, and jade comes out of Kungang.

The sword is called the giant palace, the pearl is called the night light, the fruit is precious, the plum is heavy, the vegetable is heavy, mustard ginger, the sea is salty and the river is light, the scales are hidden and the feathers are flying.

The dragon master, the fire emperor, the bird official and the human emperor, began to write letters, wore clothes, and gave up the throne to the country. Yu Tao and Tang Dynasty

Condemning the people and punishing crimes, Zhou Fa Yin Tang, sitting in court and asking questions, Chui Gong Pingzhang, Aiyu Li Shou, ministers Fu Rong and Qiang

Far and near are one, leading the guests to return to the king. The phoenix sings in the bamboo. The white horse food court turns into vegetation and reaches all directions.

Covering this body and hair, the Four Great and Five Constant Beings, Gongwei Jiuyan, how dare you damage it? Women admire chastity, and men follow the example of talent.

If you know your mistakes, you must correct them. If you are able, don’t forget them. Don’t talk about others’ shortcomings. Rely on your own strengths. The messenger can be restored. The desire for weapons is hard to measure.

The ink is sad and the silk is dyed. The poem praises the lamb.

Sounds are conveyed in an empty valley. Listening is done in an empty hall. Misfortunes are caused by bad accumulation. Good luck is celebrated by good luck. An inch of biscuit is not a treasure. An inch of yin is competition.

Serving the king as one's father means being strict and respectful. Being filial should be done to the best of one's ability. Loyalty means doing one's best. Being in a deep position and walking in a weak position, being warm and prosperous①

As fragrant as a orchid, as prosperous as a pine, the stream flows endlessly, reflected in the clearness of the abyss, calm and pensive, the words are stable

Be sincere and beautiful at the beginning, be prudent in the end, and be wise in order. The foundation of a prosperous career. A very good background. Learn well and become an official. Regent and enter politics.

Save the sweet tang, go and chant it again, music distinguishes the noble and the humble, etiquette differentiates between the superior and the humble, harmony between superiors and subordinates, husbands sing and women follow.

Received training from outside and served as a mother-in-law. All the aunts and uncles, You Zibier, Kong Huai brothers, and the same Qi Lianzhi.

Score points in making friends, cut rules and regulations, be kind and compassionate, make mistakes once and for all, be upright and honest, retreat from troubles and losses.

Be calm in nature and relaxed in mood, be restless in heart and mind, be true to yourself and be full of ambition, pursue things and change your mind, insist on elegance, be good at being noble and self-sufficient.

The city of China, the two capitals of east and west, Mang behind and Luo facing, floating and Wei, occupying Jing, the palace is lush, and the view from the building is astonishing.

Illustrations depicting animals and colorful fairies. A house next to a house is opened. Couplets are paired with tents. A banquet is prepared. The drums, harps and pipes are played.

Upgraded to accept the emperor, the suspicious star turns around, the right leads to Guang Nei, the left reaches Cheng Ming, not only the tomb ceremony is gathered, but also the heroes are gathered together

Du Manuscript, Zhong Li, Lacquer Book on the Wall, Luo General and Prime Minister, Lu Xia and Huai Qing, eight counties were sealed, and thousands of soldiers were given to the family.

A high crown accompanies the chariot, drives the hub and vibrates the tassel, is rich and luxurious, drives the chariot fat and light, has great achievements in policy, and is inscribed on a stele.

②Xi Yiyin, Zuoshi Aheng, Yanzhai Qufu, Wei Danshuying, Huan Gong Kuanghe, helping the weak and supporting the poor

Qi returns to Han Hui and expresses her feelings towards Wu Ding. Jun ③ Mi Wu Dou Shi ④ Ning.

Destroy Guo in a false way, implement the alliance with the soil, how to abide by the contract and law, Han Chao is troubled by punishment, start Jianpomu, use the best military

Xuanwei Desert, Famous Paintings, Traces of Yu in Kyushu, Binding of Hundred Commanderies, Qin Dynasty, Yue Zong Taidai, Zen Master Yunting

Yanmen Zisai Jitian Chicheng Kunchi Jieshi Juye Dongting Kuangyuan Mianmiao Yanxiu Yaoming

Treating the root cause of the problem is farming. Supplies for harvesting. ⑤ Set the southern acres. I am good at millet. Tax the ripe and pay tribute to the new ones. Encourage rewards and depose the emperor.

Meng Ke Dunsu, Shi Yu Bingzhi, the common people are moderate, Lao Qian sincerely gives the order, listens to the sound and observes the reason, discerns the appearance and color.

It's good to support Jiayou, encourage it to grow, avoid bowing and ridicule, favor increases resistance, extreme humiliation is close to disgrace, Lin Gao is lucky to be here

When two people see an opportunity, who will force them to break up? They live in a leisurely place, silent and lonely, looking for the ancients and seeking opinions, relaxing and carefree.

Rejoicing in the tired work, thanking each other with joy, the history of the canal and the lotus, taking strips from the garden, loquats in late green, parasol trees withered by fleas

Chen Genweiyi, falling leaves swaying, traveling alone, Lingmo Jiangxiao, reading and playing in the market, watching the bag box

Yi ⑦ Youwei belongs to the wall of the ear wall. It has a meal. It is suitable for the mouth and intestines. It is cooked when you are full. When you are hungry, you hate the chaff.

Relatives and old friends, old and young, different food, concubine and royal family spinning, turban and curtain room, Wan Fan, round ⑧, silver candle shining brightly

Sleeping day and night, sleeping on the bed of blue bamboo shoots and elephants, singing and drinking, taking cups and raising wine, straightening hands and feet, feeling happy and healthy

The direct heirs continue, sacrifices are tasted, Jixuan worships again, fearful and frightened, the ultimatum is brief, and the answers are reviewed in detail.

Skeletons want to bathe, hold on to the heat and wish to cool down. Donkeys and mules are special. They leap over the horse with fear. Kill thieves and thieves. Capture traitors.

Bu She Liao Wan, Ji Qin, Ruan Xiao, Tian Bi Lun Zhi, Jun Qiao Ren Diao, explaining the differences and benefiting the customs, ⑩ are all wonderful.

Mao Shi Shuzi's workman's beautiful smile, every year is approaching, the sun shines brightly, the Xuanji hangs, and the dark soul shines all around.

Cultivating the body with the help of one's fingertips, maintaining the auspiciousness forever, leading the way step by step, pitching up the gallery temple, girding the villa, wandering and looking around

Ignorance, ignorance, and others are criticizing, and it is okay to predicate helpers.