The full name of "Stele of Ritual Utensils" is "Stele of Ritual Utensils Built by Han Yu, Prime Minister of Han Dynasty", also known as "Stele of Confucius Temple in Han Ming Mansion", "Stele of Ritual Utensils Built by Han Yuan, Prime Minister of Lu", "Stele of Confucius Temple of Han Ming Mansion", "Stele of Han Yuan Fu Yan's Yaofa, Prime Minister of Lu", etc. No amount. The engravings on all four sides are all in official script. The stele has sixteen lines and thirty-six characters, and nine people including Han Yuan have named it after the text. There are names on the underside of the stele and on both sides.

    This stele has been the most recorded since the Song Dynasty. It is a work of high artistic quality in calligraphy. It has always been regarded as the most standard of official calligraphy. The calligraphy style is fine, vigorous and vigorous, serious and elegant, square and beautiful at the same time. Guo Zongchang of the Ming Dynasty commented on the "History of Metal and Stone": "The Han Dynasty Li should regard "The Ritual Stele of the Confucius Temple" as the first." The so-called 'stars are turning like lightning, and fibers are as fine as hair'. It is not enough to describe it. All the stele structures in the Han Dynasty can be compared with each other, but this stele is like a river in the Han Dynasty. "The Han Dynasty is the most strange in Lifa. Each stele has its own uniqueness, and there is no one like it. This stele is particularly strange. It is as thin and strong as iron, and changes like a dragon. Every word is strange, and there is no clue." He also said, "Only one is strange." "Han Yuan" is full of beauty and unprepared. It is thought to be pure but powerful, and powerful yet solemn. Since the beginning of the officialdom, there has never been such a wonderful monument." Yang Shoujing of the Qing Dynasty also said: "Han Li is like "Kai Tong Bao Bao" "Xie Dao", "Ode to the Stone Gate of Yang Jun" and the like are the winners based on temperament; "Jing Jun", "Lu Jun", "Fenglong Mountain" and the like are the winners based on the shape and quality; those who have both can only recommend this stele. To put it bluntly, it combines strangeness and danger with peace and integrity, and combines sparse beauty with strictness, so it is difficult." ("Ping Stele Record") The word mouth of this stele is complete, and the characters on the side of the stele are as sharp as new, especially elegant and colorful, stacked vertically and horizontally. Damn, even more highly praised by calligraphers. Those who attacked the Han Dynasty mostly took "Li Qi" as a model.

    There are many rubbings handed down in the Ritual Vessel Stele. The Mingtuo is broken at a suitable point, not to mention writing a word, and it is extended by the foot, which is different from the word "year" on the stele.

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  Guo Zongchang of the Ming Dynasty: The Han Li should take "The Ritual Utensil Stele of the Confucius Temple" as the first. The beauty of his calligraphy and painting is neither the pen nor the hand. It is quaint and unparalleled. If it is a magical skill, it is not man-made. The so-called star flow, lightning, and hair transplantation are not enough to describe it. All the monuments in the Han Dynasty can be compared to each other in their structure and meaning. However, this monument is like a river in the Han Dynasty, which is beyond expectation. ("History of Epigraphy")

  Wang Shu of the Qing Dynasty: The Lifa is unique in the Han Dynasty. Each stele has its own uniqueness, and there is no one the same. This stele is particularly strange. It is as thin and strong as iron, and changes like a dragon. Each word is strange and cannot be discerned. ("Inscription and Postscript of Xuzhou")

  Yang Shoujing of the Qing Dynasty: To put it into perspective, it combines strangeness and danger with fairness and justice, and combines sparseness and elegance with rigor, so it is difficult. ("Ping Stele Record")

Beiyang content

In the second year of Wei Yongshou's life, the blue dragon is sighing, the spirit of the frosty moon, the sun of the emperor. Lu Xianghe, Nanjing Han Jun, followed the ancient times, Hua Xu gave birth to an emperor, Yan Mu raised Kong Bao, they both controlled the Yuan Dao, and hundreds of kings did not change it. Confucius was a near sage and set the path for the Han Dynasty. From the King of Heaven on down, as for beginners, everyone has longed for thoughts and admired the mirror of the teacher. Yan's holy uncle lives in Jiulu's family, and is an official holy concubine in Anle. For relatives of the saints, the etiquette should be different. The Yan family was restored and merged with the Guan family in the city of Yaofa to respect Kong Xin. During the reign of the Holy Emperor, the rites and music were delayed, Qin Xiang caused chaos, did not respect the book, and was virtuous. He lost the food of the Holy Emperor and perished in the sand dunes. You then built ritual vessels, music notes, bells, chimes, harps and drums, thunder to wash the wine glasses, deer to beat the emperor, and wooden pots to decorate the house and temple. Express the mystery and pour water into it. The old method is not annoying, and the preparation is not extravagant. When the upper part is combined with the purple platform, it will be harmonious in the middle; when it is lowered when it is combined with the sacred system, things will be done with etiquette. Therefore, scholars from all over the world heard about the king's glory, praised his virtues, respected Master Qi's wishes and outstanding thoughts, and jointly set up a memorial stone to be recorded and passed down for hundreds of millions of years. The article says: The emperor's opera is unified by Hua Xu, and the hexagrams are drawn by the sky. Yan Yukong Sang, Kong Zhi Yuan Xiao, Juzu Zigong, was awarded by Da Yi. In the front, there are nine heads, and he teaches them with his words. Later, he controls a hundred kings and gets Lin to spit. Nothing is done in vain, it is the word of Heaven. Since the Qian Yuan Dynasty, in the thirty-nine years, the eight emperors and three generations have reached Kong Naibei. The saint's life span is five hundred years. The three yangs spit out pictures and the two yins produce prophecies. The meanings are made so that the secrets can be known as soon as possible. Yu Mu Hanjun, only saw the will of God, and restored the two holy clans, which was outstanding and thought-provoking. Build rites and music, use chariots and utensils, preserve ancient buildings, house temples diligently, drive chariots with authority, make new ones with sincerity, paint will not decompose, and workers will not compete for jobs. Deeply remove evil spirits and clear water. The ritual vessels are raised to the hall, and the rain falls from the sky. The people are happy and the whole country is celebrating. God bless you sincerely, and pay your respects in return. God bless you, and you will enjoy longevity forever. The top is Hua Zi, and the side is the emperor. The inscription is published on the stone, and the Qian Yun shines. After a long period of wandering, he was taught again in Sheng. Proud and impoverished, his voice has lasted for hundreds of millions of years.

The name of Han Ming Mansion is called Shujie

Wang Xuanjun of Yingchuan Changshe is really two hundred. Two hundred on the Ximen Jianyuan Festival in Dayang, Hedong. Therefore, the governor of Zhuo County, the Second Duke of Lu Heng, has five thousand. Therefore, Lu Fu, the governor of Kuaiji, has been alive for thousands of years. Therefore, the Prime Minister of Le'an, Lu Heng, is Duke Ji. Therefore, Zhang Songxu, who was engaged in Lu, was five hundred high. The prime minister's book, Lu Xue, Tao Yuanfang, was three hundred. Prime Minister Lu Zhouqian had three hundred virtues.

Contents of the stele

Qu Chenghou Wang Hao two hundred. Zhang Puzhongjian from Yangle in Liaoxi Province has two hundred. Henan Chenggao Su Hanming 200, he was a scholar. In Luoyang, Henan, Zhongliang was given a high salary of 500 yuan. Therefore, Yanzhou engaged in the city of Lu Yu Jihua three thousand. Therefore, Xia Pi ordered Dongping Lu Wang to praise Wen Boqian. Therefore, Yingyang ordered Wenyang Baogong to be powerful and powerful. Li Shenbo Bai from Luoyang, Henan. Zhao State Handan Song Dynasty 200 Yuan Dynasty. Pengcheng Guang Qi Jiang Xun's son was two hundred years old. Pingyuan Leling Zhu Gongjinggong two hundred. The plain is wet and yin, Mayao Yuanji is two hundred. Pengcheng Gong Zhishiping 200 years. Mount Tai Bao Dan Han Gong two hundred. Jing Zhao Liu Anchu two hundred. Therefore, Xue ordered Wen Zhu and Xiong Bozhen in Henei for five hundred. Xia Pi Zhou Xuanguang two hundred. Therefore, Yuzhou was engaged in Fanjia and Jinzi Gaoqian. Qi Bo announced two hundred in Shuzhou, Hejian. Chen Guo Ku Yu Chong Bo Zong two hundred. Yingchuan Changshe Wang Jimeng three hundred. Chen Hanfang, the Duke of Runan Song Dynasty, had two hundred. Chen Hanfu, Nanpingyang, Shanyang, two hundred. Ren Chengfanjun raised two hundred. The prince of Rencheng released two hundred. Rencheng Xie Bowei two hundred. Rencheng Gaobo was two hundred years old. Prime Minister Xue Cao visited Jixing for three hundred years. Xue Yushao, the thief in the prime minister, Xing Gong two hundred. Xue Gong was awarded two hundred yuan. Prime Minister Bian Lusong is far away. Zou Wei Qing two hundred. The scholar Lu Liu Jingzi wrote a thousand works. The reason is that the tomb of King Lu was born in the early 200th year. Therefore, the governor of Lu Kaihui was two hundred high. The first grandson of Lu Cao was two hundred. Lu and Liu Yuanda reached two hundred. Therefore, the governor sent Lu and Zhao Huiyantai two hundred people. Lu Kong, the doctor, will be thousands of years old. Yushi Lu Kongyi lived in the Yuan Dynasty for thousands of years. Captain Pulu Kongkai Zhongdi Qian. Lu Kong Yao Zhongya two hundred. Lu Kongyi was two hundred years old. Lu Kong, who was a scholar, led thousands of people. Lu Kongxun Bo male two hundred. Wenyang Jiang Yuandao two hundred. Lu Kongxian Zhongze hundred. Wang Yi of Wenyang and Wenyu two hundred. Lu Kongbiao, the minister's minister, was worth three thousand yuan. Lu Kong flooded Hanguang for two hundred. Nanyang Wan Zhang Guang Zhongxiao was two hundred. There are hundreds of stones guarding the temple, and Lu Konghui has thousands of sacred texts. Praise the Marquis Lu and Kong Jian for their longevity. King Jingzi Shen of Luoyang, Henan, had two hundred. Therefore, the king of Lu and Kong has a thousand virtues. Lu Kongchao raised two hundred. The stone from Lu weighs two hundred. To carry out the righteousness, the Lu bow is as strong as the uncle's capital, which is two hundred. Lu Liu Zhongjun two hundred. Beihai drama Yuan Long's masterpiece has been shown throughout the world. There are two hundred people in Lu Xiahou's house. Lu Zhou Fang Bo Tai Bai.

Right side of the monument

Shanyang Xiaqiu is nine hundred yuan and Taiwan is three hundred. Qi Guoguang Zhang Jianping 200, he was a scholar. Yang Wanzi, the eldest son of the Shangdang, has three hundred. The first scholar Lu Kongzhengzi raised two hundred. Lu Xu Boxian two hundred. Lu and Liu Sheng were two hundred. Yanshi, Henan, has three hundred neighbors. Fan Wengao, Pingyin, Henan, was 200 years old. Linfen, east of Hedong Province, respected Zi Zhiqian. Zuo Shuyu, Luoyang, Henan, had two hundred sons. Dong Yuanhou from Wuyang, Dongjun, was two hundred. Dongjun Wuyang Huan Zhongyu two hundred. Taishan Juping Wei Zhongyuan two hundred. The king of Tibet has two hundred wolf sons. Fei Chun of Taishan left two hundred in the neighboring season. Therefore, Ande Hou Xiang Pengcheng Liu Biaobo deposited five hundred. Therefore, Pingling ordered Lu Hei to restore the Yuan Dynasty to 500 years.

Left side of the monument

Donghai Fu Hedong Linfen Jingqian's courtesy name is Ji Songqian. At that time, Zhao Xuanzi, named Ziya, was named Ziya in Nanzheng, Hanzhong. Therefore, the prime minister Wei ordered Uncle Ding in Henan Jing to raise five hundred. Zuo Wei Beihai Opera Zhao Fuzhi Renzhi 500. Youwei Jiujiang Junqiu Tang Anjixing 500. Situ Peng Luchao lived three hundred years after his death. The Henan Yu army conscripted 200 Han sages. The prince of Nanyang Ping clan has two hundred sons. Fang Bo, the king of Xue in the history of keeping each other, has three hundred records. Lu Kong Jian lived two hundred years. Xiang Xingyi Shi Wenyang Gongbai, Hui Shipingbai. Lu Fu Yanzi Yu two hundred. Ren Chengkang's father governed Zhenbai. Lu Sun Yin three hundred. Uncle Lu Kongzhao. Bianlu Chengzi two hundred.