The full name of "Zhang Qian Stele" is "Ode to Zhang Jun of the Han Dynasty Gucheng Chang Dang Yin Ling", also known as "Ode to Zhang Qian Biao". The stele was erected in Dongping County, Shandong Province in the third year of Zhongping Emperor Ling of the Han Dynasty (AD 186). It is now displayed in the stele gallery of Dai Temple in Taishan, Shandong. The monument is 2.92 meters high and 1.07 meters wide.

    The owner of the monument, Zhang Qian, whose courtesy name is Gongfang, was born in Chenliujiwu (now in Ningling, Henan). He once served as the mayor of the city (now northwest of Luoyang City, Henan) and the magistrate of Dangyin (now Tangyin County, Henan). Therefore, in order to commemorate his meritorious deeds, officials Wei Meng and others published a stone tablet to commemorate it. The stele has three columns, the upper two columns have 19 lines each, and the lower three lines are engraved with the name of the donor and the amount of the money. There are 15 lines of official script in Beiyang, with a full line of 42 characters, a total of 567 characters, and the character diameter is 3.5 cm. On the back of the stele are engraved the names of 41 officials who erected the stele and the amount of money they contributed. There are a total of 323 characters in 3 columns, 41 rows, in official script, with a character diameter of 3.5 cm. The seal script on the forehead reads "In praise of Zhang Jun of the Han Dynasty Gucheng Chang Dang Yin Ling", 12 characters in 2 lines, 9.5 cm in diameter. The style of the calligraphy is between the seal script and the official script and can be deliberately bent, just like the Miao seal script of the Han Dynasty. The 12 characters are divided into two rows without columns. They are tightly arranged and scattered in different sizes. They are integrated into each other. They may move, twist, or be long or short. They are strong and powerful. They are truly the masterpiece of the forehead.

  This stele was discovered during digging in the early Ming Dynasty and stood in front of the Minglun Hall of Dongping Confucianism. At that time, the inscription was in good condition and readable. By the Zhengde period of the Ming Dynasty, only 5 characters were missing, and the 4 characters "Dongli Runse" were still good; during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, the inscription "Dongli The word "dong" of "run" is half of the word "dong", and the word "run" is half of the word. There is still a midpoint beside the water, and the word "色" is half of the word "jun" below. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, a pavilion was built in the Dongping County Government Courtyard and a monument was erected inside. In 1966, it was moved to the Bingling Gate of Dai Temple and protected by an external glass cover. At this time, there are 65 characters left and 36 characters cannot be read. In October 1983, the stele gallery of Dai Temple was moved.

  Since this stele was unearthed, it has been the epitome of gold and stone,Respected by calligraphers. The purpose of the poem is pure and ancient, the official script is simple and majestic, the font is square and neat, with many changes, and the simplicity and thickness are charming. The silkworms are not placed side by side, and the geese are not placed in two. The outside is square and the inside is round, and the inside is stretched outside.A treasure of calligraphy art.

The earliest record of this stele was "Jin Xie Lin Lang" by Dumu of the Ming Dynasty. In the early Qing Dynasty, Gu Yanwu's "Jiushiwenji" suspected that it was a later copy. However, most scholars believe that the calligraphy style of the inscription is simple, majestic and upright, which cannot be done by Han people. In addition, the traces of natural peeling are not man-made, and the stele is the original carving. The "Xianyuhuang Stele" unearthed in 1973 is similar in style to this stele, and the "Xianyuhuang Stele" is 21 years earlier than the "Zhangqian Stele". Both are typical examples of Han Li's Chinese writing style.

  The popular versions of "Zhang Qian Stele" include Ming rubbings, Qing rubbings, photocopies and reprints. The Ming-dynasty rubbings are the earliest version, and the version in the Palace Museum, with the four characters "Dongli polish" in the eighth line intact, is the best known as the "Dongli polish" version.

In the old Han Dynasty, the Changyin of Gucheng ordered Zhang Jun to express his praises.


Jun's name is Qian, named Gongfang, and Chen Liuji is my friend. The ancestor of the king came from the Zhou Dynasty. King Xuan of the Zhou Dynasty was resurrected. There was Zhang Zhong. He acted as a filial piety to his friends. He read "Shi·Ya" and learned about his ancestors. Emperor Longxing had Zhang Liang, who was good at planning and making decisions within the curtain, thousands of miles away, analyzing the situation and staying. Between literature and scenery, there are Zhang Shizhi and Jian Zhongbi. The emperor went to the forest and asked about the hunting birds. The order of the court was wrong, so I asked the stingy husband, and the stingy husband did the right thing. So if you advance, you will be a stingy man, and if you make a retreat, you will be a stingy man. The explanation is that it is not possible: the court order has the talents of the public ministers, and the stingy men chatter about the petty officials, which is not the priority of the country. Shang Congyan. During the reign of Xiaowu, there was Zhang Qian, who promoted customs in Guangdong and established a residence in Dingji. He had eight barbarians in the south, six Rong in the west, Zhen in the north in the Five Autumn Period, and nine barbarians in the east. There is a funeral in the wilderness, and everyone pays tribute. Zhang was the assistant to the Han Dynasty, and his virtues have been recorded in the world. Now that the love is with you, you must cover it with the 絵縺. Zhuan Rong Hongxu, Mu and Shou are connected, and Gao Wen will not die. The filial brother is at home, and the middle-aged brother is at court. It is easy to govern Jingshi. He is clever in power strategy and skilled in politics. He was a county official when he was young, and practiced his position in secret, often in the thigh. Most of them are engaged in work, and no sound is heard. Conquer the doctor and remove the chief of Gucheng. For Silkworm Moon's business, don't close the four doors. On the occasion of the Lazheng Festival, the prisoner will return home to congratulate him. In August, the people are not bothered by their hometown. Then he faded away and stayed in his old age. There is nothing to pick up on the road, so plow the fields. When the Yellow Turbans first emerged, the city was burned to the ground, leaving Si County alone. The son is humble and Confucius is contemptuous, but his ways are different. "Shang Shu" has five teachings, the king respects his broadness; the poems are kind and cheerful, the king shows his kindness; the east is polished, and the king respects his benevolence. Shao Bo was divided into Shaanxi and Jun Yi Zitang. Jinyang wears Wei, and Ximen wears strings. Your physique can double your merits. The eight bases are flowing, and the Yin orders are moving. The officials and the people are shouting at each other, sending them off like clouds. Duke Zhou marched eastward, and the Westerners resented it. Xi Si praised Lu. Kao Fu praised Yin. The former Zhe left a legacy, but his merits are not written down, and there are no descriptions later. So he published the stone and erect the table, which will be remembered for thousands of years. For three generations, although it is far away, it is still close. The "Poetry" says that the old country has a new destiny.

My Lord, Yu Mu, is both loyal and pure. Snow-white nature, filial piety and benevolence to friends. According to the book of travels, there are flowers in orchids, omens in Keqi, and honors in Suiyu. If you don't meet each other with sharp weapons, you won't be able to fish out of the abyss. The good officials of the country love the people. Covered by Peitang trees, people are warm and courteous. There is no good road, only kindness is close. I will receive many blessings and enjoy Nanshan forever. Qianlu has no boundaries, descendants have descendants.

But in the third year of Zhongping, the year was in Sheti, the Zhen Festival in February, the first ten days of the year. The yang energy is gone, and I miss my old king. Therefore, the official Wei Meng and others agreed with one voice and hired Sun Xing, a master, to publish a stone and set up a table to show Hou Kun. Sharing Tianzuo for hundreds of millions of years.

stele shade

    Therefore, Wei Shuzhen, the leader of the state of An, gave him five hundred coins. Therefore, I received 500 yuan from King Wei Shao. Therefore, Wei Yuanya received five hundred coins. Therefore, Wei Yuanjing received five hundred coins. Therefore, I engaged in Wei Shi to save 500 yuan. Therefore, I ordered Wei Shu to pay five hundred yuan. Therefore, Fan Boxi is the guardian, and Wei Jinshi, the official, has two hundred coins. Therefore, the governor sent Fan Qi Gong five hundred coins. Therefore, the official Fan Wenzong has a thousand dollars. Therefore, the official Fan Shijie saved eight hundred yuan. Therefore, the official Wei Fuqing received seven hundred coins. Therefore, the official Fan Ji asked for seven hundred coins. Therefore, the official Weibo Taiwan has eight hundred coins. Therefore, the official Fan Debao has eight hundred coins. Therefore, the official Wei Gongjun has five hundred coins. Therefore, the officials set the national currency at seven hundred. Therefore, Wei Runde, an official, received five hundred coins. Therefore, Li Sun raised the money to five hundred. Therefore, Wei Gong, the official, paid seven hundred coins. Therefore, the official Wei Paishan paid four hundred coins. Therefore, the official's salary is four hundred. Therefore, Wei Yi, an official, only has four hundred dollars. Therefore, the official Wei Fu saved 400 yuan. Therefore, Wei Yuanxu, an official, received four hundred coins. Therefore, Wei's guest received four hundred coins. Therefore, the original Xuande money was three hundred. Therefore, the official Wei Gong made three hundred coins. Therefore, the official Fan Cheng received three hundred coins. Therefore, the official Wei Fushi has three hundred coins. Therefore, the official Fan Guofang has three hundred coins. Therefore, the official Weber donated three hundred coins. Therefore, officials generally pay three hundred ancestral coins. The old official Wei Derong, the old official Fan Lide received three hundred yuan. The official Wei Wuzhang, the official Zou Shuyi, the official Wei Xuan received three hundred coins. Therefore, Wei Mengguang, an official, received five hundred coins. Therefore, Wei Meng, an official, paid three hundred yuan. Therefore, the guardian ordered Wei Yuan to pay 500 yuan.