"Inscription of Faith" is the code of Zen Buddhism, the untransmitted purpose of Zen Buddhism, the teachings on mind-ground skills and mind-ground methods, and the guiding principles for Chinese Zen practice. The author is Master Sengcan, the third ancestor of Zen Buddhism.

That's right, this is Dong Qichang's "Inscription of Confidence" in regular script. Dong Qichang's calligraphy absorbs the essence of ancient calligraphy, but does not deliberately imitate the handwriting, and has the beauty of "face, bones and Zhao posture". 

The original text of "Inscription of Faith":

There is no difficulty in finding the right path, but it is difficult to choose. But don't hate love, understand it clearly. There is a slight difference, and the sky and the earth are separated. If you want to achieve success, don't be obedient. Disobey and fight. It's because of heart disease. If you don't understand the profound purpose, you will be trying to meditate in vain. The circle is the same as the emptiness, there is nothing left and nothing left. There are good reasons to choose, so it is not as good as it is. Don't chase fate, don't live in vain. A kind of peace of mind, nothing but suicide. Stop moving and return to stop, stop even more movement. But if you are stuck on both sides, you would rather know one. One thing doesn't work, two things fail. Whether you send it or not, you can carry it from empty to empty. Talking too much and worrying too much will lead to irresponsibility. Absolute words and absolutely no worries, nothing makes sense. After getting back to the roots, the purpose is obtained, but the origin is lost. In a moment, it shines back, and the victory is unprecedented. All changes in the past are due to false views. There is no need to seek truth, only to see. If you can't live with it again, be careful not to pursue it. Only then can there be right and wrong, but all of them lose their minds. The two come from the one, and the one cannot be guarded. If there is no birth in one's mind, there will be no fault in everything. There is no blame, no mind, no mind, it can be destroyed by circumstances, and it can sink if circumstances are followed. The environment comes from the environment, and the energy comes from the environment. I wanted to know two paragraphs, but it turned out to be empty. One space is the same as the two, and together they contain all things. If you don't see the essence and roughness, you would rather be partial. The road is wide and there is nothing easy or difficult. Suspicion is seen in small things, and it turns from rapid to late. If you lose your temper, you will surely go astray. Let it be natural, and the body will not live there. Be willful and follow the path, be free and free from worries. It is not good to be drowsy. If you don't have to worry about it, why use alienation? If you want to take the first vehicle, don’t hate the six sense objects. The six sense objects are not evil, and they are still enlightened. A wise man does nothing, and a fool will do nothing. There is no difference between the Dharma and the Dharma, and you love yourself in vain. Wouldn't it be a big mistake to put your heart into it? Confusion produces silence and confusion, and enlightenment has no likes and dislikes. Both sides should be considered carefully. Dreams are empty flowers, why bother to catch them. Gains and losses, right and wrong, let go for a while. If your eyes do not sleep, all dreams will disappear on their own. If the mind is the same, everything will be the same. Just like the body element, Wuer forgets his destiny. See all things together and return to nature. It is incomparable to ignore the reason. Stopping without moving, moving without stopping. If two are not together, how can one be there? After all, there are no rules. The two hearts are equal, and everything is done. Doubts are eliminated, and true faith is straightened. Nothing remains, nothing can be remembered. The empty light illuminates itself without any effort. Where there is no thinking, it is difficult to understand emotions. It is truly like the Dharma Realm, without others or self. Respond urgently and keep your word. Everything is the same, everything is inclusive. Wise men from the ten directions all join this sect. Zong Fei promotes delay, and one thought lasts for thousands of years. Omnipresent, present in all directions. The smallest is the same as the big, forgetting the ultimate realm. The great is the same as the small, and there is no edge. Existence is nothingness, and nothingness is existence. If not, there is no need to keep it. One is all, all is one. But if this is the case, why not worry about it. Faith is the same, faith is the same. Words are clear, they are neither past nor present.