Regular script "Poetry Table of Thanks for the Imperial Letter", 1053, volume, paper, 29.3cm X241.5cm
Collection of the Taito Ward Calligraphy Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Emperor Renzong of the Song Dynasty once gave Cai Xiang an imperial letter "Jun Mo". In order to repay the emperor's kindness, Cai Xianggong wrote a poem and presented a poem from Qijue. This is the "Poetry Volume of Thank You for the Imperial Letter". Generally speaking, the writing is precise, upright and respectful. This volume is composed of five pieces of paper, with a total of thirty-seven lines. At the back of the volume are inscriptions and postscripts by famous writers such as Mi Fu, Xian Yushu, Wu Kuan, Chen Jiru and Dong Qichang.

This work had become famous at that time and was collected by the Imperial Household. Cai Xiang also presented this stone carving to the Hanlin Academy. The calligrapher Mi Fu, who was a contemporary of Cai Xiang and was known as the court calligraphy and painting connoisseur, did not see the original work at that time, but only saw the stone carvings of the Hanlin Academy. Therefore, when he saw the original work forty years later, Mi Fu poured his excitement and joy into the postscript.