"Dongshan Songtie", Jin Dynasty, written by Wang Xian, on paper, cursive script, 22.8cm in length and 22.3cm in width. It is said to be a copy of Mi Fu.
There is no shortage of new dais, and eight hundred more pine trees in Dongshan. Xu Nu has arrived, please comfort him so that he will not lose his place. □□□ Give it, don’t pay more.

This post has no signature or postscript. The seals in the collection include the "Shaoxing" consecutive seals of the Southern Song Dynasty, the "Neifu Shushu Seals", and the seals of Mingwen Zhengming, Liu Chengxi, Wu Ting and Cao Rong of the Qing Dynasty. There are also two ancient seals (the text cannot be identified). The original seals of Qianlong's inner palace of the Qing Dynasty and the Qianlong's inscriptions have been scraped off.

"Dongshan Songtie" is a letter written by Wang Xianzhi. It is a broken letter, with four characters erased. "埭" (sound band) means a dike that blocks water. "Eight hundred more pine trees will be sent to Dongshan" should be a sentence, which means that eight hundred more pine trees need to be planted for embankment and beautification purposes. The writing in this post is whirling, full of various expressions, and elegant.

It is recorded in "Xuanhe Shupu" and "Zhongxing Guange Lu" of the Song Dynasty, Dong Qichang of the Ming Dynasty "Rongtai Collection", Sun Chengze of the Qing Dynasty "Gengzi Xiao Xia Ji", and An Qi's "Mo Yuan Hui Guan". It was engraved into "Yu Qingzhai Dharma Tie" by Wu Ting in the Ming Dynasty, "Xihongtang Dharma Tie" by Dong Qichang, and "Sanxitang Dharma Tie" in the Qing Dynasty.