Su Shi's "Ode to Spring Colors in Dongting" and "Ode to Zhongshan Pine Mash" collected by Jilin Provincial Museum

"Dongting Spring Ode" and "Zhongshan Song Miao Ode" were both written and written by Su Shi. These two poems together with the postscript are made of seven sheets of white linen paper. The paper is fine and the ink is fine. It looks like new. It is 28.3 cm long and 306.3 cm wide. The former has thirty-two lines and 287 characters in running script; the latter has running script. Thirty-five lines, 312 words; there is also a self-titled ten lines, 85 words, totaling 684 words, which is the largest number of words seen in his handed down ink writing. The former was written in the winter of 1091 AD, and the latter was written in 1093 AD. They were written by Su Shi in his later years. Su Shi was demoted to Lingnan. On the way, he encountered heavy rain and stayed in Xiangyi (now Suixian County, Henan Province). He wrote these two poems to express his feelings. The title says: "In the first year of Shaosheng's reign (1094), on the 21st of the leap month of April, I was about to arrive in Lingbiao. When it rained heavily, I stayed in Xiangyi and wrote this." He was fifty-nine years old at that time.

At this time, Su Shi's writing was more mature and vigorous, with tight knotting, leisurely and elegant mood, odd and right, and graceful yet elegant. It concentratedly reflects the characteristics of Su Shi's calligraphy of "short and fat". Qianlong once commented: "The essence is full of richness in the pavilion, with richness from beginning to end, which is rare in Xin Dongpo's books." Zhang Xiaosi of the Ming Dynasty said: "These two Fus are carefully written, with a neat structure, a magnificent spirit, and a lingering atmosphere." The posture of pause and setback is really like a lion crouching and a tiger squatting." Wang Shizhen said: "This is not only outstanding in its ancient elegance, but also has a variety of postures, and its structure is rigorous and there is not a single stroke that is out of control. It should be the best in Meishan. The viewer should not be confused by the traces of ink. Yes."

These two authentic calligraphy works were collected by An Qi in the early Qing Dynasty. During the Qianlong period, they entered the Qing imperial court and were engraved into the "Sanxitang Dharma Calligraphy". Puyi abdicated the throne and was hidden in the puppet imperial palace in Changchun. In 1945, he was lost among the people. It was discovered in early December 1982 and stored in the Jilin Provincial Museum. The front of the roll was sealed by water and the leader was torn off when it was lost, causing damage.


Dongting spring scenery
I heard that the joy in oranges is not less than that of Shangshan. How could it be that they didn't eat what was left in the frost, but the four old men were playing in it. Understand the illusion of this world, hide it in a group thousands of miles away, lift up the jujube leaves and find the remaining leaves, how difficult it is to pick up the mustard seeds, it is appropriate for the virtuous king to have the insight, and send his free thoughts to the world. The spring breeze is blowing, and the sky is filled with leisure. The white waves blow in Dongting, and the Cangwan in Beizhu rises. Taking a beautiful woman on a trip, I was diligent in mist hair and wind servant girl, ordered a thousand slaves with yellow heads, rolled up the swamp and returned with them, mixed two meters of grain, and borrowed three-ridged stems. Suddenly the clouds steam and the ice melts, the swirling beads zero and tears flow. Green spoons, silver poppies, purple-coloured green clouds, accompanying the chariots and bronze tassels on the wooden door. The rest of the emperor's cup was divided. Fortunately, the young master was saved. I washed my cup and got up to taste it, and the numbness in my waist and feet was relieved. All the three rivers are sucked into one, and the gods swallowing fish and dragons are treacherous. They are drunk and dreaming one after another. They start like a fashionable barbarian, bowing to the osmanthus of the mountain, and buckling the Qiongguan of the forest house. The lying pine cowers in the wind, reveals the gurgling spring breeze, pursues Fan Li in the vague, hangs up the widower of Fu Chai, belongs to this cup in Xizi, and washes away the sorrow of the country's subjugation. The dust from the socks flies away, and the bow of the dancing sleeves is bent. When he woke up, he gifted it to the young master and said, "Wuhuhehe, I'm so proud of you: I will delete it for you, young master."
Zhongshan pine mash
At the beginning of the night, he helped Hengzhang, and the army marched and trumpeted at night. The pines are bright and light, and the stars are scattered in Tinggao. If you complain about the fragrant mist in the wind, you will not be punished. How can it be that the wonderful quality of a thousand-year-old person can die like a feather? How is the effect of a mere inch of brightness different from that of wormwood? The entanglement of bad articles is broken and the ointment is shed. The building is already far away, but the medicine and stone can be used. Thin it and use it to make mulberry elm, and make pine mash from Zhongshan. Save you from the ashes and spare you the trouble of fireflies. Get the transparency from the dish, and get the fat and luster from cooking. They are both ripe with millet and wheat, and the sound of boiling spring is noisy. The taste is sweet with a little bitterness, and I sigh at the unique highness of the secluded appearance. Knowing that sweet and sour food is easy to spoil, I laugh at the grapes in Liangzhou. It's like fattening in a jade pond, but not like steaming lamb in an inner palace. It is recommended to use the bottle with the pattern of gall vine, and the frost claw of the ancient crab is recommended. How much did you drink every day? I feel that I can escape from the punishment of heaven. He threw his stick and started walking, stopping the children from scratching him. Looking at the close proximity of the Western Mountains, I want to wear my clothes and invite them to visit. The running deer crosses the super peak, and the flying deer hangs on the wall. Then he entered the sea, surrounded by clouds and waves that shook the sky. Envoy Ji Ruan Zhilun and the Eight Immortals. Or ride on a lin and hide behind the phoenix, or fight for the fruit and hold the gourd. The white silk cloth is turned upside down, and the palace brocade robe is dripping. I chased Dongpo but failed to catch up, so I returned to my shop and sipped the glutinous rice. Washing the pines and letting the wind blow through your teeth is enough to empower you to travel far away and continue your journey.
At the beginning, Prince Anding used yellow tangerine to make wine, which he named "Dongting Spring Color". His son Delin got it, paid him a salary, and composed plays and poems. Later, he served as the guardian of Zhongshan, brewing wine with pine knots, and then added it as a gift. Because of the same story and genre, they are recorded in one volume. On the twenty-first day of the fourth month in the first year of Shaosheng's reign, I was about to arrive in Lingbiao. When there was heavy rain, I stayed in Xiangyi to write this. Dongpo layman's story