Zhang Ruitu's cursive scroll "The Song of the Eight Immortals in Du Fu's Drink" was written when Zhang Ruitu was fifty-eight years old in the seventh year of the Apocalypse. The gold-sprinkled paper contains poems written by the great poet Du Fu of the Tang Dynasty. The Eight Immortals refer to the poet He Zhizhang, Zhang Xu, Li Bai and other wine immortals. The poem describes their addiction to alcohol and their drunkenness. When Zhang Rui was reading, he swiped to his heart's content. Even if he wasn't drunk, he was at least in an extremely relaxed state.

 Explanation: Drinking the Song of the Eight Immortals. Zhizhang rides a horse like a boat, and falls into a well and sleeps under the water. The three battles in Ruyang began to face the sky, and the mouth of the road met the koji chariot with salivation, and the desire to seal it to Jiuquan was unwavering. The Prime Minister of the Left spends tens of thousands of money every day, drinks like a long whale sucking in hundreds of rivers, holds a cup in his mouth and enjoys the sages and calls them avoidance of virtuous people. Su Jin often likes to escape to Zen when he is drunk in front of embroidering Buddha in Changzhai. Zong Zhi, a handsome and handsome young man, was drinking heavily and looking at the blue sky with white eyes, as bright as a jade tree before the wind. Li Bai wrote a hundred poems and slept in a restaurant in Chang'an City. The emperor couldn't get on the boat, so he claimed that he was a wine-drinking immortal. Zhang Xu took off his hat and exposed his head in front of the prince, and his hair fell to the ground like clouds of smoke. Jiao Sui fought five battles with Fang Zhuoran, and his eloquent talk shocked the four banquets. Book of Apocalypse Ding Maochun, Ruitu.