Northern Song Dynasty Mi Fu Shanghai Museum

  There are many arrogant people in the history of Chinese calligraphy and painting. Among this type of artists, "Mi Dian" from the Northern Song Dynasty seems to have the greatest reputation. Mi Dian is people's nickname for Mi Fu. He was born in the Song Dynasty, but wore a Tang suit; he had severe mysophobia; when he saw the stone he liked, he bowed down and worshiped it, and kept claiming that the stone was his brother; he was addicted to calligraphy and painting, never leaving it, and specially built a large ship to use it. It was used to carry calligraphy and paintings along with it, and was named "Mijia Painting and Calligraphy Ship", which became a model for later generations of collectors to imitate. Compared to his teacher Su Dongpo, Mi Fu seemed to be more bohemian. He is also the most outstanding calligrapher who pushed the calligraphy style that advocates interest and interest led by Su Dongpo to its climax.

  Mi Fu has preserved a lot of his writings, but his works in large characters are very rare. The only ones that survive are "Poems in Wujiang Zhouzhong", "Hongxian Tie", "Yanshan Inscription" and this "Duojinglou Poetry Album". "Poetry Album of Duojinglou" is a late work of Mi Fu. Compared with "Poems on the Boat in Wujiang" which he created when he was in his thirties, "Poetry Album of Duojinglou" is obviously written in a mature and heavy style, with the lines between the frames appearing on the side. steady. His self-proclaimed "brush calligraphy" way of using the brush is very obvious in this volume, with many strokes showing scattered edges at the beginning. Some vertical pens and skimming pens leave white spots due to rapid movement. The whole work is majestic and majestic, and the ups and downs of the strokes contain huge tension.