Ming Dynasty Song Guang's scroll of "Wind into the Pines"

Dimensions: 101.5 cm long, 33.5 cm wide

Now in the Palace Museum

Song Guang (14th century), whose courtesy name was Changyi, was from Nanyang, Henan Province. He once served as Tongzhi of Mianyang. Gong calligraphy, cursive calligrapher Huai Su, is one of the "Three Song Dynasties" in the early Ming Dynasty in the history of calligraphy.

"Feng Rusong Ci", paper, cursive script. This painting is the famous poem "Wind into the Pines" written by Yuji, a native of the Yuan Dynasty in the Song Dynasty, and was given to Ke Jiusi in the twelfth year of Hongwu (1379). The calligraphy is made of calendered paper and large cursive calligraphy. The writing is thin, strong and smooth, and the paper is exquisite and the ink is exquisite. It is the representative work of Guang's cursive calligraphy of Song Dynasty. This painting has seals collected by Xu Xueju, Chen Jide and others.