Mi Fu's "Ganlu Tie" (also known as Huiju Tie), paper, running script, 35.5 cm in length and 50.3 cm in width, collected by the National Palace Museum in Taipei

Fu paused and started again. Living in Dantu
Walking to the west of the Yamen, there is a beautiful hall, a floating moon, and beauties.
The pavilion is behind it, facing the broad water of the canal. East
The platform is to the west of Xishan Mountain, so Baojinzhai
To the west is Zhishuangxuan. Huanjutongliuchun
There are hundreds of fir trees planted with medicinal herbs. In the past ten years, they have all
An acre of shade is truly an acre of dwelling. At the end of April,
The woodcutter at Shanghuang Mountain reported a strange stone and looked at it. eight
Eleven acupoints, as big as a bowl and as small as a finger, were made in a mountain in Huaishan
Above the quality. A Hundred Man's Luck to the Treasure Jin Tongshan
between. In May, the rocks are covered with dew and the trees are scorched.
There is no reed that does not stick to it, it is as white as jade beads. County map
It’s gone, and it hasn’t stopped yet. The clouds want to go up, neither invite nor stop
also. Fu paused and bowed again.