Zhao Mengfu's "Guo Meng Tie" is on paper, running script, 29.5cm in length and 39.6cm in width. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing


Zhao Mengfu's "Guo Meng Tie" (detail) scanned and produced by Impunity

The general manager Xianggong in the post should be of the same clan as the Zhao family. This note is to thank him for taking care of his brother, and to ask for help for his friends.

Meng Fu remembered this and bowed his head again. He was in charge of the affairs of his brother Xianggong, and Meng Fu's brother was under his care. This is all because of my brother Meng Fu. Gratitude is overwhelming. It's hot today. Fu Wei Zunhou Shengchang. Xuebin Kangzhen Department. In the old days, Changxue had a salary. His people are extremely poor. Live by this. Nearby, there is a branch of residence. I hope my brother will take pity on his poor condition. Special and free expenditure. How lucky it is. Not taught by the assistant. Begging for help guarantees respect. Not announced. Meng Fu bowed his head and bowed again.