A native of Daizong's time, Gongshu was treasured by people at that time. Mi Fu said that he was a good calligrapher (see "Qunyutang Tie"). Zhu Wenchang's "Sushu Duan" is listed in the Nengpin, and the biography says: "Duan Jizhan was at the same time as Liu Yan. Yan received wealth and made great achievements. What he gave to him has led to many sages in the world. Ji Zhan has surpassed his disciples, and he is the only one." The "Yu Temple Stele" was first known to Zhou Zifa, and it was called by people at that time. His writing style was beautiful and highly regarded." According to the "Yu Temple Stele", which was established in November of the third year of the Dali calendar (768), Cui Juwen wrote, Duan Jizhan's book. Ouyang Xiu's "Ji Gu Lu Postscript Volume 7" states that "Ji Zhan's writings are not as great as this." Han Yu also wrote "Li Yuanbin's Tomb Inscription" written by him.

  None of the works have been handed down to this day.