A monk from the late Tang Dynasty, a native of Wucheng, Huzhou. He became a monk at Kaiyuan Temple in Huzhou when he was young. Later he entered Chang'an and lived in Siming, Jianfu and other temples. Learned from Zhang Xu, worked in cursive calligraphy, and became famous for a while. Han Yu's "Preface to Master Gao Xian" said that his book had Zhang Xu's heart. The second section of the handed down ink calligraphy "Thousand-Character Essay in Cursive Script" is in the collection of the Shanghai Museum, while the first section has long since been damaged. Yuan Xian Yu Shu Lin's extremely fine copy is collected by the Liaoning Museum, from which we can see the level of his calligraphy skills. Zhang You wrote a poem praising: "The scrolls are sent to the imperial court, Tao Xin is admitted to the society in the inner treasury of letters, the natural sex theory of the classics is revealed, the sun's color screen is just beginning to be revealed, the wind and writing are not stopping, long waves float on the coast, the big points are Songqiu's continuous Xi method, it is difficult to Poor wisdom will flow forever. A note of diligence is here, and it is reserved for looking at the silver hook." It can be seen that Gao Xian was famous in Tang Dynasty.

Appreciation of Works: Thousand-Character Cursive Script