He Zhizhang's "The Classic of Filial Piety in Cursive Script", vertical 26.0 cm, horizontal 265.1 cm, Sannomaru Shozokan, Imperial Household Agency, Japan

The text of "Jinwen Xiao Jing" in this volume is written in cursive, with each line ranging from four to sixteen characters, totaling more than one thousand and one hundred characters. No signature. According to the words in small regular script at the end of the volume, "In the winter of October of the second year of Jianlong (961), the ink of He Jian was re-pasted and framed", it is speculated that it is the work of He Zhizhang. The Book of Filial Piety written by He Zhizhang is also recorded in Xuanhe Shupu of the Northern Song Dynasty. The whole volume of "The Classic of Filial Piety" adopts the official meaning and integrates it into the chapter and grass. It has an ancient atmosphere and exciting stipples. The thick and thin are alternated, and the virtual and the real are accompanied. The structure bends left and right, and follows the trend. The composition is like gurgling water flowing straight down, fully embodying Because of his suave and uninhibited romantic feelings, he has always been praised by literati and scholars. It was introduced to Japan in the second half of the 17th century and was donated to the imperial family by the Konoe family during the Meiji period. From March 13, 2006 to April 26, 2006, the Shanghai Museum held the "Sino-Japanese Calligraphy Treasures Exhibition", and this work returned to the motherland for the first time.


[Appendix] The Classic of Filial Piety

Chapter 1 of the Opening of the Sect

Zhong Ni lives in . Zengzi served as a waiter. Confucius said. The previous kings had the highest virtue and the most important way. Yishun Tianxia. Civil harmony. No complaints from above or below. Do you know this? Master Zeng avoided the banquet and said: Not sensitive to ginseng. How is it enough to know? Confucius said. Husband is filial. The foundation of virtue is also. The reason why teaching is born is also. Sit again. I speak to you. Body, hair and skin. Accepted by parents. Don't dare to destroy or hurt the beginning of filial piety. Stand up and walk the path. Be famous in later generations. To show parents. The end of filial piety. Husband is filial. It started with getting married. Zhong Yu Shi Jun . Finally stood up. Daya cloud. Wu Nian, your ancestor. Yu Xiu Jue De.

Emperor Chapter 2

Confucius said. Those who love relatives. Don't dare to do evil to others. Dear relatives. Don't dare to be slower than others. Love, respect, and be close to each other. And moral education is applied to the people. Punished all over the world. Gai Tianzi's filial piety is also. Fu Xingyun. One person has a celebration. Zhao people rely on it.

Chapter Three of the Princes

Don't be arrogant in your life. High but not dangerous. Control and prudence. Full but not overflowing. High but not dangerous. Therefore, it is important to keep your health for a long time. Full but not overflowing. Therefore, it is also important to keep wealth for a long time. Wealth and honor never leave his body. Then we can protect our country. And with its people. It also reflects the filial piety of the princes. Poetry cloud. War, war, tremble. Like facing an abyss. Like walking on thin ice.

Qing Dafu Chapter 4

I would not dare to obey the law unless I obeyed it. I would not dare to speak the Dharma without the words of the former king. I would not dare to practice the virtues of the previous king. That’s why. Don’t say anything illegal. It’s not the right way. There is no choice in words. The body has no choice. Words fill the sky. No word of mouth. The sky is full of lines. No resentment or evil. The three are ready. Then he can guard his ancestral temple. The filial piety of Gai Qing, a senior official. Poetry cloud. The bandits are lazy all day and night. To do something for one person.

Chapter Five of the Scholars

He is qualified to serve his father, to serve his mother and to love the same person. To serve the father, to serve the king, and to respect the same. Therefore, the mother takes her love. And the king takes his respect. The person who has both is also a father. Therefore, serving the king with filial piety means being loyal. If you respect things and do things long-term, then you will be obedient. Loyalty and obedience are never lost. To do things above. Then he can keep his salary and position. And keep their sacrifices. Gai Shi's filial piety is also. Poetry cloud. Wake up early and sleep well at night. No one was born.

Common People Chapter Six

Use the way of heaven. The benefits of dividing the land. Use it with caution. To support parents. This is also the filial piety of common people. Therefore, from the Son of Heaven to the common people. Filial piety has no end or beginning. And those who suffer less than . There is something to be said for the future.

Three Talents Chapter Seven

Zengzi said. Very . Filial piety is the greatest thing. Confucius said. Husband is filial. The Scripture of Heaven. The meaning of earth is also . The behavior of the people is also . The laws of heaven and earth are governed by the laws of the people. Then the sky will be bright. Because of the advantages of the land. Yishun Tianxia . This is because his teachings are not solemn and successful. Its politics are not strict but strict. The king saw that teaching him could transform the people. That's why we should first show love to others. And the people must not leave their relatives behind. Chen Zhiyu Deyi. And the people are prosperous. First of all, give way with respect. But the people do not fight. Guide them to use rituals and music. And the people are in harmony. Show him your likes and dislikes. But the people know the prohibition. Poetry cloud. He He Shi Yin. The people are looking forward to it.

Takaharu Chapter 8

Confucius said. In the past, the king of Ming Dynasty governed the world with filial piety. I don’t dare to leave behind the ministers of a small country. And the situation is almost the same as the son of the Duke, the Marquis, and the uncle. Therefore, he wins the favor of all nations. To serve his ancestors. Those who govern the country. Don't dare to insult the widower. But what happens to the scholars and the people? Therefore, it wins the favor of the people. To serve his ancestors. The person who manages the house. I don’t dare to lose my concubine. But what about the wife and the wife? Therefore, it wins people's favor. To serve his relatives. Husband Ran. Therefore, if you are born, you will be close and in peace. If you sacrifice, the ghosts will enjoy it. So there is peace in the world. Disasters do not occur. Disasters and chaos are not caused. Therefore, the king of the Ming Dynasty governed the world with filial piety. Poetry cloud. Have a sense of morality and conduct. The four countries are in harmony.

Chapter 9 of the Holy Rule

Zengzi said. I dare to ask the sages whether their virtues can be enhanced by filial piety. Confucius said. The nature of heaven and earth. People are precious. Human behavior. Nothing is greater than filial piety. There is nothing greater than filial piety to a strict father. Yan's father is not as big as Pei Tian. Then the Duke of Zhou and other people are also like this. In the past, the Duke of Zhou worshiped Hou Ji in the suburbs to match the heaven. Zong worshiped King Wen in Mingtang. To be worthy of God. So within the four seas. Everyone comes to offer sacrifices according to their duties. The virtue of a saint. And why add to filial piety? Therefore, my biological child is on my knees. To support your parents, be strict on a daily basis. The saint respects you because of his strict teachings. Because love teaches love. The teachings of saints cannot be achieved without solemnity. Its politics are not strict but strict. The reason for this is the root of it. The way of father and son. Nature is also. The righteousness of the king and his ministers. Parents gave birth to it. Continued Mo Da Yan . You are here in person. Don’t be too heavy. Therefore, those who do not love their relatives but love others. It's called violating morality. Those who do not respect their relatives but respect others. It is called disobedience to etiquette. If it goes along, then it goes against. If the people have nothing, then there will be nothing.
It’s not about being good. And all of them are based on bad virtues. Although I got it. A gentleman is not noble. A gentleman is not like that. Words of thought can be said. It’s fun to think about it. Morality and justice can be respected. There are ways to do things. The capacity is impressive. Advance and retreat can be measured. To come to its people. This is why its people fear and love it. Then it is like . Therefore, it can achieve its moral education. And carry out its political orders. Poetry cloud. Shurenjunzi. His manners are not perfect.

Chapter 10 of Ji Xiaoxing

Confucius said. A filial son is also a close relative. If you live here, please pay respect to them. Nourishment will lead to happiness. Illness will cause you to worry. In mourning, one should express their sorrow. When offering sacrifices, one must be strict with others. Five are ready. Then we can get married. Those who care about relatives. Being on top is not arrogant. To avoid chaos. Don't fight in the ugly world. If you are superior and arrogant, you will perish. Those who cause chaos for the sake of others will be punished. Being ugly and fighting means fighting. The three are not eliminated. Although he uses three animals a day to support him. It's still unfilial.

Chapter 11 of the Five Punishments

Confucius said. Five punishments belong to three thousand. And there is no greater sin than being unfilial. The one who wants the king is supreme. No one who is not a saint can do it. Those who are not filial have no relatives. This is the way of great chaos.

Chapter 12 of Guangyao Dao

Confucius said. Teach the people to love you. Don't be good at filial piety. Teach the people courtesy and obedience. Don't be good at petting. Move the wind and change the custom. Don't be good at music. An Shang governs the people. Don't be good at etiquette. The ceremonial person. That's all. Therefore, he respects his father. Then Zi Yue. Respect his brother. Then my brother is happy. Respect your lord. Then I will be happy. Respect someone. And tens of millions of people are happy. There are few people who respect me. And there are many people who are happy. This is called the important way.

Guang Zhi De Chapter Thirteen

Confucius said. A gentleman teaches filial piety. It's not a good idea to come to your home and see you every day. Teach filial piety. Therefore, you should respect the person in the world as your father. Teach with love. Therefore, you should respect everyone in the world as your brother. Teach your ministers. Therefore, you should respect the person who is the king of all people. Poetry cloud. Kai Tijunzi. The parents of the people. Not the ultimate virtue. Who among them can be obedient to the people? Who is so great?

Chapter Fourteen of Widespread Famousness

Confucius said. A gentleman's duty is to be filial to relatives. Therefore, loyalty can be transferred to you. Brother thing. Therefore, Shun can be moved to Chang. Home management. Therefore, the treatment can be transferred to the official. It is the result of the action within the body. And the name will be established in future generations.

Remonstrance Chapter 15

Zengzi said. If your husband is kind, loving and respectful. Anqin and famous. Then it’s time to hear the order. Dare to ask the son to obey his father's order. It can be called filial piety. Confucius said. What to say and . What to say and . In the past, the Son of Heaven had seven people competing against his ministers. Although there is no way. Don't lose your world. The princes are vying for five ministers. Although there is no way. Don't lose your country. The doctor has three ministers who are fighting for each other. Although there is no way. Don't lose your home. Scholars compete with friends. Then although the body is not separated from the name of the order. The father has a dispute with the son. Then the body will not be trapped in injustice. Therefore, it is unjust. Then the son cannot compete with his father. The ministers cannot compete with the king. Therefore, it is unjust. Then fight. Following my father’s orders. And how can I be filial?

Induction Chapter Sixteen

Confucius said. In the past, the king of Ming Dynasty. Be filial to your father. Story: Tianming. Be filial to your mother. Observe the story. Long, young and obedient. Therefore, upper and lower treatment. Heaven and earth are clearly observed. The gods are clear. Therefore, although you are a son of heaven, you must have respect. It is said that there is a father. There must be something first. It is said that you have a brother. Pay tribute to the ancestral temple. Don’t forget your relatives. Cultivation and caution. Afraid of humiliating me first. Pay tribute to the ancestral temple. Ghosts and gods are here. Filial piety and brotherhood. Through the gods. Light shines on the four seas. Nothing is unreasonable. Poetry cloud. From west to east. From south to north. Wusi is not convinced.

Chapter 17 of Shijun

Confucius said. The gentleman's affairs are as follows. Enter, think, and be loyal. Retreat, think, and make up for your mistakes. Let it be its beauty. Kuang saves his evil. Therefore, the upper and lower can have a close relationship. Poetry cloud. My heart is full of love. Ya doesn't mean that. Hide it in the center. When will I forget it?

Bereavement Chapter 18

Confucius said. A filial son is also a bereavement. Can’t cry. Etiquette has no tolerance. Words are not written. Feimei is uneasy. Not happy to hear it. The food is not sweet. This is also the feeling of mourning and mourning. Eat for three days. Teach the people that there is no way to live without death or injury. Destruction of immortality. This is also the politics of the saint. The mourning lasted only three years. It shows the people that there is an end. He lifted it up for his coffin, coffin, clothes and quilt. Chen Qi asked for the 簠 and 簋 and mourned for his relatives.擗芊 crying. I send you my condolences. Divination of his house tomb. And take measures to secure it. For the ancestral temple. Enjoy it as a ghost. Spring and Autumn Sacrifice. Think about it from time to time. Love and respect when things happen. Death and mourning. The foundation of living the people has been exhausted. The meaning of death and life is ready. The affair of a filial son comes to an end.