"Fuyang Han Bamboo Slips" is a collection of slips from the early Western Han Dynasty. It was unearthed in 1977 from Han Tomb No. 1 in Shuanggudui, Fuyang County. The owner of the tomb, Xia Houzao, was the second generation Ruyin Hou of the Western Han Dynasty. He was the son of Xia Houying, the founding hero of the Western Han Dynasty. He died in the fifteenth year of Emperor Wen (165 BC). Therefore, Fuyang Han Bamboo Slips are relics of the early Han Dynasty. Starting from September 1980, the Fuyang Han Slips Collection Group was jointly formed by the Ancient Documents Research Office of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the Fuyang Regional Museum. After sorting out this batch of Han Bamboo slips, it was discovered that they included bamboo slips, There are 11 kinds of ancient books in three categories: wooden slips and wooden slips. Very few ink writings of the Western Han Dynasty have been handed down to the world. The unearthing of this slip provides important physical information for the investigation of the history, language, writing and calligraphy art of the Western Han Dynasty for more than 2,000 years.