"Gangu Han Bamboo Slips" was unearthed in Gangu County, Gansu Province in December 1971. There are 23 pieces in total. It is a memorial written by Liu Kai, the minister of Zongzhengfu, to the emperor on clan affairs during the Yanxi period of Emperor Huan of the Later Han Dynasty (158-167). , an official instrument forwarded to states and counties upon approval. Its content not only covers issues related to clan management, but also mentions many place names, people's names and official names, especially tax names such as "menqian", which are not found in historical records and are very valuable. It is an important resource for studying the social system, politics and economy of the Han Dynasty. in accordance with.

The strokes of "Gangu Han Bamboo Slips" are elegant, beautiful and swaying, similar to the style of "Cao Quan Stele".