This epitaph and the "Gao Song Epitaph" were unearthed in 1998 from the 16th Dynasty Tomb on the Xianlin Campus of Nanjing Normal University. Gao Song has a biography in Volume 71 of "Book of Jin", and is also mentioned in "Book of Jin: Biography of Xie An", "Shishuo Xinyu·Yu Pian" and other works. Gao Song, whose courtesy name was Maoyan, was born in Guangling (today's Yangzhou). He was "little eager to learn and good at history". He successively served as Yangzhou Chief Secretary, Huqi Chief Secretary, Zhongshulang, Huangmen Shilang, Fujun Sima, etc.
  Compared with "Xie's Epitaph" and "Gao Song's Epitaph", the calligraphy of "Xie's Epitaph" has a greater natural component. For example, the two characters "Zhenxi" at the beginning are obviously larger than other characters, and the character "西" is particularly out of style, and the carving is also sloppy. However, calligraphy as a whole has a simple and ancient meaning, which can also be regarded as an aesthetic style. The word "ji" in this epitaph is a different word.

The commander of the west town of Zhenxi, Captain Shi Qi, was married to Mrs. Gaosong of Bo Guangling in Jianchang and the Xie family of Kuaiji. She died on December 7, the eleventh year of Yonghe, and died on March 24, the twelfth year. ("Epitaphs of the Six Dynasties Unearthed in Nanjing")