The full name is "The Monument of the Good King of Goryeo", also known as "The Monument of the Good King of Ping'an in Gwanggae Tuwangjing". It was unearthed during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty (around 1880). According to research, it was inscribed in the 10th year of Yixi (414) in the Eastern Jin Dynasty and was written in official script. The length is 612 cm, the width is 185 cm, 44 lines, and 41 characters in each line. In Ji'an County, Jilin Province. It is a huge monument over six meters high.

This monument was built by the 20th King of Goguryeo, Changshou, to commemorate the 19th King Tandeok. The inscription narrates the myth of the founding of Goguryeo and the military exploits of Damdeok. The calligraphy on this stele looks like official script or regular script, with the implication of the Qin imperial edict. It is square, pure and thick, calm and focused, simple and majestic, and belongs to a broad and elegant style of writing. Compared with other official scripts on stele inscriptions in the Eastern Han Dynasty, it has a unique style, so this stele is famous both in ancient and modern times.