"Haiyu Tie" was made in 1045. Paper, 28.8cm x 158.6cm. Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

Explanation: Xiang worships again. The people of Xianghaiyu Longmu are not familiar with the affairs of the world. They only write letters and prepare official advice, which is of no use. I have to invite my countrymen to serve as my second relative. It is a great blessing from heaven, a blessing from a private family, and a great gift from the public. Since I heard that Ming Gong Jie Shuyu was so important, he came out to announce the vassal status and was not allowed to have a common name. In the next history, Qisheng came to the county and was taught by Fu Meng. He paid back the gift and felt extremely ashamed. Yangzhou is at the forefront of the world, and Lai Gong controls it. However, he invites guests to come forward, and every word and silence is passed on. I hope those who follow him will be careful! Looking at the door, I feel humble and grateful. Xiangshang, the advisor advises His Excellency Ming Gong. Be empty.