"Tao Sheng Tie" ruler and tablet, 1051, paper, 29.8cm X50.8cm, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

"Tao Shengtie" is a cursive Hanzha. Chic and vigorous. The structure is of the correct size, heavy, light and dense, and can be completed according to one's heart. Huang Tingjian said: "Jun Mo Zhenxing's bamboo slips are so beautiful that they can be admitted to the house of Yongxing (Yu Shinan)" is very correct.

Interpretation: Xiang: It is not Tao who is new to Xiji Xinji, but it can still be good. The writing is very refined, and the official script of Henan Province must be Sanzhuo. In the past, it was a great thing to benefit from two tubes, and it is still used today. Geng Zi's pure nature is something that can be cherished deeply, and the same is true for people's unpredictability. The servant must return it immediately, and pay attention to it in a hasty manner. On May 11th, Xiangdun first came. The families are well. Traveling in the Chu Dynasty day and night.