Cai Xiang's "Hongxian Tie" ruler tablet, 1051, paper, regular script, 31.3 x 42.3cm, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

Explanation: Xiang Qi: Recently, Zeng Mingzhong and Chen Xiang taught Liangtong by hand, and they found out the movement, quietness, and well-being. Everyone in the door was good, and they were happy and happy! When they arrived in Hong County, the Bianliu River dried up, so they lived there. In the remaining forty days, we have made a land plan and reached Suzhou. However, the journey was tiring and unspeakable. Shang Wei said: The water in the canal must have an end, and it will not last more than a day or two. If there is water, he will arrive in a canoe; if there is no water, he will take the post road and arrive in the capital. The large screens of Fujian and Wu were all newly removed, and I wanted to be a Panliu for a long time. After being in the dust of Beijing for a long time, there is no sense of being tired of traveling. The road can be guarded against mosquitoes. The people are hungry and have fresh food. They move to the east. However, in the prefectures and counties, they must be escorted by fake guards, old and young, and be kind. Autumn is cool, but love is heavy, and it is not declared. Xiang paused. The doctor respects his brother. Be empty. August 23, Suzhou.