This bone was unearthed in Anyang, Henan Province, and is 32.2 cm long and 19.8 cm wide. It is an ox blade bone inscription from the period of the Shang King Wu Ding, the first period of Oracle Bone Inscriptions. The bone tablet is huge and complete. There are more than 160 characters on the front and back. The characters on the back are filled with vermilion and the colors are dazzling, which shows that it is an auspicious divination. The content involves the sacrificial activities performed by King Wuding of the Shang Dynasty, the injuries, illnesses, deaths of the Shang royal family members, and the celestial phenomena at that time, which has important cultural and historical value. The main part is divided into three columns with vertical lines, and the engraved text styles have their own characteristics. The calligraphy is vigorous and refreshing, well-organized and full of the simple atmosphere of the ancestors; it is decorated yet lively, elegant yet dignified and powerful. It is an excellent model for us to learn Oracle.