Mi Fu's "Poetry to Wei Tai" (i.e. "Poetry to Wei Tai" is suspected to be a copy), paper, running script, 26 cm in length and 102.5 cm in width. Collection of the Wang family in Hong Kong.

Explanation: Send rice to Yuan Zhang. Wei Tai. The wind blows in the green field, the grass is waving, and the rain in the square pond pours down the lotus leaves. In the past few years, there have been red leaves in Xiao Temple, but one day the mountain shade has been replaced by white geese. Xiangpu used to be drunk every month, and Ninghu still recalled singing on the side of the boat. The old clothes are gone and the old mountains are gone, and the white hair loves me for a long time. Second rhyme. Mifu. Sanjiaobu is built to overlook the waves of the river, and I always cherish Chu and make lotuses for thousands of miles. The old pity Junqi was free to control the horse, but the old man was tired of the slave and did not play with the goose. Is true ease abandoned by the Ming Lord? Holy time is long and wild folk songs. As soon as the ship was buckled, the Xia Dynasty was shocked. There are still many clouds in Luochuan. Tai, a native of Xiangyang, was good at poetry and famous in Jianghan, but he was not an official. Yesterday, I stayed in the capital for a long time. On the day I returned to the mountain, Fu began to arrive at the capital gate, and my old friend couldn't see him in time. Sending this poem means peace. Therefore, he and Wang Pingfu are both poets.