"Jiao Burnt Post", 1053, paper, 27.2cm x 43.2cm, collected by the Palace Museum, Beijing.

"Jiao Burnt Note" is a representative work of cursive writing. The strokes are vigorous and honest, graceful and graceful, and the brush strokes are free and easy. This calligraphy is based on "Boyuan Calligraphy" and incorporates Zhangcao writing style to organically integrate it into Cai Xiang's unique cursive style.

Explanation: On November 28th, Xiangdun first came. We have been apart for many years, and every time I ask about it, I always look at my heart. How can I be so moved when people come to inherit the book and get a glimpse of the meaning of the words? When I heard that the affairs in the county were leisurely in the summer, I always looked happy and had a high interest. I admired and admired him! He was a man in the suburbs. The weather has turned cold recently, so he only slept and ate, and loved to take photos. Such far-reaching thoughts are not available. Xiang worships again. Under the command of the magistrate's door.