Xie Songzhang's Poems (Rubbings), 1056

Explanation: "Poem of Thanks to Song Zhang" When He Bingshen looked at the sun in June, Fu Meng commented on the matter and Song Zhang divided his homeland Danli. Legend has it that this tree has been around for three hundred years. Huang Chao's soldiers passed by and wanted to cut it down. At that time, the Wang family took charge of the tree, and his wives supported the tree and were willing to kill it together. The soldiers in the nest did not cut down the tree. Although it is old now, it has become more and more abundant and has a fragrant and smooth taste. It is a really good tree. Because it is a short chapter, use * (reward) to be kind. "The restaurant accepts banquets calmly, and visits the lofty trees every time to drink and drink. The soldiers know the sacred objects later, and the master has a long life. He also appreciates the old friends, hears and misses them, shares the sweets with the present, and is happy to serve his kind relatives. Isn't it just a special wish for the public to be in trouble? "I'm old and want the spiritual plant to be bigger than the big tree." Xiang paused.