Regular script holding calligraphy page, paper, length 27.2 cm, width 57.4 cm, collected by the Palace Museum

This post is a letter from Cai Xiang to a friend. The content of this post is about his poor health at the time. Because it is known that it was written in Fuzhou in the third year of Zhihe (1056), when the author was forty-five years old.
The seal has "Zhiyi's mark", "Yi", and Anqi's Zhuwen mark.

Explanation: Xiang Qi: A few days ago, I sent an envoy with a letter and a halberd, and invited people to come to the disadvantaged area. The plan has been straightened out, but what if I haven't checked my respect? It's a good thing when Hui Ran comes. The diseased body is not always at peace, and it is mostly caused by diet. Goat is astringent and tasteless. Although you can only eat three or two taels of it, fish and turtles will suffer from abdominal ailments every time they eat it. This means that your strength is not strong and you have to get used to it over time. Now it is not withered. The books and sea objects are full of many emotions! I would like to hold them in my hand and listen to them. Not announced. Xiangshang, the seven guests are the deacons. August 24th. Be empty.