"Athlete's Foot" ruler and tablet, circa 1060, running script on paper, 26.9cm x 21.7cm, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

Explanation: Since April, I have been suffering from athlete's foot and swelling, which has subsided in autumn, so I went north without hesitation, but I have not forgotten the beautiful scenery in the lakes and mountains. Sanqu was asked to read the book, but it was inconvenient, and he still answered from time to time, feeling ashamed and wary. The seal will be handed over on the fourth day of this month, and when the sun comes out, Xiang will go up again.

"Athlete's Foot Tie" and "The First Edition of Shiqu Baoji" are included in the "Album of Calligraphy by Famous Masters of the Song Dynasty", and Cai Shu's "Athlete's Foot Tie" is one of them. The original traces were published in the sixteenth volume of the Forbidden City Weekly. Most of Cai Xiang's calligraphy is in regular script, but this calligraphy is unique in that it is cursive calligraphy. Its writing style is exquisite, smooth, powerful and graceful, making it a masterpiece of Cai Xiang's cursive calligraphy.