Wan'an Bridge, also known as Luoyang Bridge, is located at the mouth of the Luoyang River at the junction of Qiaonan Village, Luojiang District, Quanzhou and Luoyang Town, Hui'an County. It is my country's first large stone bridge with a harbor beam. From the fifth year of Huangyou to the fourth year of Jiayou (1053-1056) in the Northern Song Dynasty, Cai Xiang, the governor of Quanzhou County, presided over the construction. The bridge is a world-famous giant stone bridge in the beam style harbor and is a national key cultural relic protection unit. There is Zhonghui Temple in the south of the bridge, which was built to commemorate Cai Xiang's achievements in building the bridge. There is a two-square stone tablet in the temple, which was written by Cai Xiang. The writing is concise and concise, the calligraphy is beautiful, and the carving is meticulous. It is known as one of the three masterpieces in the world. The text was originally carved on the cliff on the left side of the bank in the open air. During the Xuanhe period (1119-1125), Cai Huan, the great-grandson of Cai Xiang who served as the chief shipping officer in Quanzhou and later became the governor of the state, re-engraved the rubbing and erected it in the temple.