Zheng Banqiao's achievements in the art of calligraphy are multifaceted. In addition to his self-created "six and a half calligraphy", he also has profound attainments in regular script, running script and cursive script, and has achieved high achievements. Judging from the works that have been handed down so far, we can see that he is indeed excellent in many styles; his regular script not only has outstanding artistic achievements, but also laid a solid foundation for his calligraphy art. Zheng Banqiao has profound artistic attainments in regular script. "Historical Biography of the Qing Dynasty" said that he "has real interest in calligraphy and painting. He seldom worked in regular script, later mixed with seal script and official script, and occasionally used painting techniques." Ye Yanlan said in "Biography of Scholars in the Qing Dynasty": "Banqiao regular script is particularly good, but he does not do many works. ." Judging from the regular script works that have been handed down, they are quite skillful in writing, but it is a pity that there are only a few of them.
    His main regular script works include: "Ouyang Xiu Qiu Sheng Fu in small regular script", "Poetry in small regular script Fan Zhi", "Miscellaneous notes in small regular script and regular script stickers", "Qin Guan Shui Long Yin Ci in small regular script", "Chenghuang Temple Stele", "Regular Script Plaque Weide" "Shi Fu", "Regular Script Plaque Library", etc. The artistic characteristics of Zheng Banqiao's regular script, from the perspective of its overall style, focus on the vigorous and healthy way. Although there are not many regular script works created by Banqiao, and only a handful of them exist in the world, it can also be seen that Banqiao's regular script artistic characteristics have changed in different historical periods.