Mi Fu's "Jin Paper Calligraphy", the third of the nine calligraphy slips, paper, cursive script, length 23.7 cm, width 39.1 cm
Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

[Explanation] This Jin paper style is also possible. The Yue bamboo is cut out with a thousand pestles, but the belly of the Tao bamboo cannot be pestled. Only those who are like this are good ears. When I was old and lost my third son, I was alone and unable to go out. I was left alone, my health suddenly declined, and my energy and blood were not what they were before. The eldest son is thirty years old, capable of managing the family, and is happy for now. Painting and calligraphy are my own pleasures, and I have nothing to admire. Fu paused. The two have often seen it, and it is very safe.