Huang Tingjian's "Teaching Review Notes" (part below), paper, 27.1 × 43.1cm. Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei

  Also known as "Yu Li's Letter of Commitment", cursive paper, 27.1 × 43.1cm. There are 9 lines and 81 words. It was written around the third year of Yuanyou (1088). There are seals such as "Jixi Palace Treasure" and "Youguxuan". "The First Collection of Shiqu Baoji", "Records of Paintings and Calligraphy in the Forbidden City" and others. Included are "Tingyun Pavilion Tie", "Imperial Engraved Sanxi Hall Shiqu Baoji Dharma Tie", "Guyuan Copying Ancient Dharma Tie", etc. Now in the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

Ting Jian paused, humiliated
Teaching review
Serve the blessings for comfort. inherit
Reading in the green shade is quite leisurely and enjoyable, which is very good and very good.
I want to record dozens of wonderful songs and compose music for Suoer,
Not yet. The paper delivered is too high, but the book can be large
For characters, if you want small running script, short paper is the best.
It is appropriate to have guests, and the reception will be careless. Ting Jian paused.
Stand up and obey with one step.