Chu Suiliang's "Ode to a Dead Tree"

   Only the engraved version has been handed down. The title is written in the fourth year of Zhenguan. There are thirty-nine lines in total, totaling 467 words. The style of the book is vertical and horizontal, with intricate changes. Wang Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty commented: "It is very beautiful to be set off by the piles of trees... there is a beautiful lady, Chanjuan, who is more beautiful than Luo Qi." "Tingyulou Tie", "Yuyantang Tie", "Xihongtang Tie" and "Lin Suyuan Tie" are all included, but the "Tingyulou Tie" is the most exquisite. Also, Zhao Mengfu of the Yuan Dynasty had an ink imprint handed down to the world. Zhou Tianqiu of the Ming Dynasty said: "It is dense, beautiful and smooth, with many of them exposed to the North Sea, and also uses all its energy to defeat the enemy." See "The Great Success of China Southern Painting". Collection of Inscriptions and Postscripts.